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The crisis in whatever they may be like they need a star Marquee Pesident especially in this era of football does a person exists at the moment? Doesn't make Neymar missy. Rinaldo does that play even exist I'm not sure if they do. So. There's a big rhys on bursitis but I think if Mris kind of furniture ties either prime minister. Refusing to train refuse to take any tests bustling. Losses and move on because this is like ridiculous. Any one suggestion those partnerships should let go for free you or smoking crack me no way they should do to al no way whatsoever in my opinion. moving on in whilst we want to say here Papa above a Oh. This is funny. Funding Funny. Is Video from Fox eleven. It says, suppose be the LAPD. Is Investigating officer who an apparent drunk drivers stumbling away mccaw crashing. This is funny because if ever there was an An example of gross incompetence in the police, and also may be an argument to be had for the difference in treatment when it comes to minorities and. White people in America when it comes with the police, because there is a problem that thinks if a black person was involved in, you know in a car crashes some wish perform. In La driving a pretty decent car and it happened to be black or Mexican or whatever Hispanic right I don't think this. Way I don't feel. Or the officer would have kind of led the past just one, the RAV seen. Of course I'm sure they probably catching them later on, but this is grossly grossly incompetent. So this is an epiphany versus officer who led an apparent drunk driver a stumbling seen it says. Los Angeles Police Department has postal investigation person investigators are into the climate officers. Let the apparent drunk drivers tumble away from the seat of a car crash she calls in Las Villas with our is already charges. This is Christ and then it continues department confirmed the investigation to Folks Devon on Monday August twenty second suspected the driver crash into several vehicles. Knitting section of he'll has las villas which has already horrible. Right people that drink drive nowadays are just disgusting people in the world I think that low the lowest form of scum that exist putting everyone else's life at risk for a couple of drinks especially near of Uber's lift makes absolutely no sense whatsoever have no patience for that Continues the video show at a witness. Kennedy wicker shows Dr Atkins vehicle stumbling around belly able to keep himself standing up. Oh my gosh. You will He was completely intoxicated. We said I mean everything that you learn about what drunk driving but drunk person is like he showed every sign of that from his lung is was to not being able to stand up straight. He couldn't walk a straight line so he was absolutely mashed. Demand still had his keys and was trying to get back to his car despite repeated response. Waco says she and was stunned when police simply let the Mongo go on lookers began questioning and yelling at a p till who am go tonight pity confirms investigate weapon and didn't happen during the incident. The Department Tells Fox Eleven. They've lost a personal investigation to the conduct of funding officers. Fox never spoke by phone, we wonder woman is called was crashes driver. She tells us that she's considering soon birthday driver lapd all she's going to get paid she is going to get paid. So let's look at the video. Up above here. There's obviously a scene of the crash. Driving trying to pick up his keys in front of a of things from person. Yeah come on Dude where the cops Jesus Christ.

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