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Ooh. No, no. No thing. Today is Wednesday may twenty ninth twenty nineteen. In Aston Villa is back in the Prum. Oh man. The Clarence Tom Hanks, stoked, he tweeted about it saying that he'll be bleeding the Clarence colors which everyone gave a big who arrived about, it's cool. I love win like big name celebrity support teams, such as villa, I think shack is like supporter of like Sofer city or something some league three team in England, like that's really cool. So now that as Bill has a rich historic history in the not in the Premier Li per se, but in English football history. So nice to have them back, man. I know there's a lot of people who are going to be haters of me saying, oh, you didn't want Darby with the wrong with the ABI, like, like I really like Martin's more, a bigger Darby guy than me, one of my best friends, Paul who I married, I've mentioned before in the show is a massive Aston Villa fan, and I was there last year when they lost out on the play offs, and he was in his full, like retro villa gear. And he was just like so sad. It was the day of the Champions League final. And I didn't even watch the game because I was getting prepped because that's when we did our live show, four lads at tavern on broad. So I was very happy for Paul. He's an awesome dude, and shutout. You know, Dean Smith when he took over villa, they were what was it? I think got this acid front of me fifteenth in the championship went on unreal. Run fifteen other it was like fifteen points behind. They were fifteenth in the championship. That's unbelievable. Jack religious, obviously, they're mean star wearing of you didn't see in the championship. Match was wearing his like lucky boots were Lert, which was literally torn the shit. So I saw a bunch of memes about that saying, like next time like your son is or daughter is saying, I need new kicks need the best kick because the only way, it'd be a good soccer player just exhibit, a Jack relig-. Unbelievable. Unbelievable season. For villa welcome back guys book. Yeah. And if I didn't mention before I have the shortest memory of all time, memento I think I said that Martin is not going to be here. He's exhausted. He's working to double. In the garage, or some shit, working on his dukes of hazzard Oakley cars, pistons rods nuts, and bolts, he no cars. So it's just me where does it gonna be real personal to guys just mean you hey, I'm glad to be here. So let's open up with this. The to the biggest rivalry of all time Josie Marino. Arsene wenger. Okay. Now all time are going to be commentating the Champions League for beyond sports. Guys. Do you know what this means, like this is Larry lightning in a bottle shoutout to the guys at bien sports forgetting to guys who actually were exceptionally successful managers and know their stuff, who literally hated each other's guts for years to put their like, you know, squabbles, aside, and work together, the like, I'm not going to be able to see this come to. I will literally go down the darkest rabbit hole of read it darker than those Garfield fucking Catholic dark, comics, read it to be able to watch Josey Marino, and Arsene Wenger, just go at it. I'm not even sure. Because I've read that their whole beef is like squash now. So I'm kind of concerned like oh, I won't like like slight jabs at each other kind of, like, you know, when Paul Scoles e would like, you know, do like sly jabs, even Gerard about not winning the league Marino. Do..

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