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A couple of ballot measures in California are too close to call as votes are still being counted. The latest ballot measures result projected by the AP is no On prop 15. That measure would have allowed tax increases on commercial and industrial properties. Results are still out on prop 14 to fund to stem cell research and prop 19 to change property tax rolls for wildfires and family wealth. Transfer's almost a dozen counties in California have moved into a more restrictive tear in this state system to reopen the economy For the first time since the color coded tears were introduced in August. None of California's 58 counties advanced this week into a less restrictive category. California Health and Human Services secretary Sorry. Dr Mark Galley, says many counties air seeing higher Covad 19 cases. Not necessarily the highest they've ever seen, but certainly compared to the lows we've been experiencing over the past couple months. L. A Riverside and San Bernardino among the 13 counties in California, there in the purple tear, and that's the most restrictive on Lee. Six counties in California are in the least restrictive tear, which is yellow schools in L. A county have been singled out as possible. Covert 19 vaccination sites. Supervisor Janice Hahn says the nation will be faced with one of the largest vaccination attempts ever. I think it's critical that we get plans in place with our schools and other trusted community partners. Han says The idea of using schools was brought up to her. By ELLIE School Superintendent Austin Buechner. As she says schools were once used to administer the polio vaccine. Officials in Anaheim have concerns that you furloughs at Disneyland will eventually turn into layoffs. City spokesman Mike Lister says the state's reopening guidelines could keep the park closed until next year. We don't believe this is a choice between public health in the economy. We believe there is a third way in which the theme parks could open with substantial safeguards and protocols. He says The first round of furloughs resulted in thousands of layoffs. Disneyland announced its latest furloughs this week to an unknown number of staff and executives way have a crash.

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