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Like Oh we got gronk let's throw some hilarious sixty nine jokes way he's going on Fox walks is whatever Fox Gronkowski and Hannity he added that okay how would I put the needle but yeah you're right hank right he's there for him and he's going to have no choice Eddie Reyes you'd be like Michael Scott with that that's what she said he's it on him and make him be like a stuffy analysts I hope they just let Gronk Beecroft do you think they're gonNA use him as the Rob Riggle to the Funny Guy Not to Rob Riggle at the Cooper Manning yes all-timer I'll throw it out there it's an all time pardon my take interview he's we actually so the back story is I don't think we talked about it in the show but I his and start with some CASO will finish with some VELVEETA MAC and cheese it will be all there for you so nothing melts like Velveeta and nothing else like they'll vida and Velveeta melts cream velvet is also giving away fans wake PFC throwing a little Vida for me creaming us about how I like to just fire and then just get on my hands okay that's enough all right so velveeta cheese my mouth get those pasta Chelsea pull those creamy cheese for you it's delivering the cheesiest bite and all the Land Velveeta is giving fans an opportunity to win an inclusive trip for four to the SEC championship game and thousands of instant prizes checkout score with velvet dot com for details that score with VELVEETA DOT COM for details today Velveeta thank you for sponsoring and go check them out right now giving an all awesome trip for four to the SEC championship game in thousands of instant prize at checkout score with LV DOT com for details and get your case and get your Mac and cheese four Sunday okay here here's Gary Busey okay we now welcome on a very special guest it is Gary Busey he is a Hollywood star for decades AIDS upon decades he's in studio he's written books he has his beauty `ISMs I I'm very excited for this interview because you are like I was saying before hand in two of my favorite movies point break and rookie of the year and we will get into all that but it's just great to have you it's great I mean you are exactly as advertised even walking in here well I would like to thank you forgive me the honor and the privilege of coming on your show speak about what we are going to speak about right so which is what what are which is what Yeah Whoa what are we planning on speaking you just get here I did yeah I just arrived this very same machination don't let it get under control I can't make any promises but I am also a very big fan of yours Predator too great film the Buddy Holly Story under siege under siege you could list them all on black she what under siege yeah what was it like to work with Stevenson Paul well it was different it was different this difference I've done I'm a bragging none over MHM sixty five projects in film television miniseries and each one is a different galaxy each one is different phenomena each one is different colored blessing so I take on the work I've been given to do with that kind of attitude and if you don't have anything nice to say about anybody does say it um because it hurts you more does the person you think you're hurting Be Kind be courageous be accepting with respect out of all these movies that we listened in there you know there's so many others which one is the one that you look back on and you take the most pride in wow aw that would be the buddy holly story because two months after I finish the movie shot and I realized and I know and my faith my belief buddy holly spirit singing through me always the measure and attribute in our sheriffs harden high lived in lubbock Texas and the panhandle Texas and the ground is very flat in that part of Texas and you don't good about living in a town where the ground is flat around you you can watch your dog run away for two weeks I never thought of IT way he just keeps running agents stop for two weeks straight so you were you were born in that era you're born in Texas and lived in Oklahoma I was born in goose Creek Texas Eleven Fifty Am June twenty ninth nineteen forty four and the lukasz but liver by the grandson of Pony Bill oh who is an Indian scout my father is in the South Pacific Fighting World War Two is the CB CB can do so so you were born in the middle of World War Two not middle or towards the end towards the end but you know bin Laden between the middle and the end yeah somewhere between the middle and the end during the third quarter of World War Two third quarter like me two minutes left in the third starter fourth I think once we hit Normandy we put four okay yeah so yeah yeah you could say I like fourteen minutes left in the fourth I love you guys and your imagination because even though you're machination is out of control it's very good thanks thank you so you started a in music not acting right you started as a drummer and you were trying to you had a band before you decided to become an actor correct well it's partially because music and acting of the same thing young quaker oats cylinders the ramp gene folger's coffee cans and ten cups and get Pinson play like playing drums living room in the first grade a mother would get out of been so he stopped playing I am a beaver so you said that acting and music is the same thing with what do you mean by that well music is a beautiful thing ever one carries in their heart and their soul and spirit music acting is the absence of acting. It's believing the truth of the moment you are created that time with your heart without thinking absences are the absence of act believing in the truth of the Mon you're creating at that instant without thinking so the best actors are not acting at all no how can't they flew back from Tahiti to lax am I see partners Marlon Brando said Gary you have to remember that life is just it's your show her show just make it up you could go without Lincoln and you'll be fine so yeah have you ever met anybody that doesn't like music though there are a few people let I've run into that just don't like music and I don't really trust them Oh you don't trust people don't like music as a blanket statement to me that's a red flag it's of a strange thing to say right you gotta look at what they're not aware of and give them a prayer of understanding the beauty of the music they carry in their heart because we all do Carrie music in our heart we saying to ourselves we sang the song for here on the radio and it makes you feel good singing a song on the radio car driving you feel like a star but let me tell you what the definition of star is the star is nothing but a self contained massive gas way up under guy and they come in at night and when they tink twinkle Achy they're saying Lovely Neil degrasse right there yeah I like that that's good sign he likes something I said Oh i like everything can we Can we talk about your your motorcycle accident the fact that you died for two hours. You're dead for two hours correct you go to heaven do you do you know what happened looks like I know it feels like because I have been in the spiritual zone in the Supernatural so surrounded by angels and my essence was about twelve inches long and about a quarter of an inch wide and that is your soul in your soul is housed in the column or spine so I went off a mall Harley Davidson going forty miles an hour of that a helmet headfirst into a curb them up Elvis head split my skull on the right side knocked a hole in his big if you sent bache they took bones out of my pelvis fill the whole I got playing golf on the wrong course you know golf ball have me anyway it was a beautiful experience of understanding something that I wouldn't have understood without even the accident so I thought hey I'm going to do something about this so into Washington John McCain God bless you John McCain Bill I earn hatch Ted Kennedy and talked to them about what happened to my head and I said we have to create something and so I signed a piece of paper that was the advocate statement the created dramatic brain injury act the president signed nineteen ninety six so the motorcycle accident gave me a gift to help save others and wear your helmet that's fantastic I've I've heard some people they go through an experience like that obviously every day's a gift after that after you come back from an experience where you you come so close to death or near case you you feel heaven was there anything thing that you when you when you came back to when you started going through rehabilitation process was there any skill or anything that you were able to do after the accident aren't able to do before the accident everything was different in the West saw life in the way of felt it and you know what a deja Vu is a deja Vu when your mind picks up something before your brain does your brain pick it up he's like I've been here before this has happened before I had what's called what I call version days and that's something saw that I'd known on seen before but it was like the first time are seeing it a brand new opening to a brand new way of life thank God for the accident and and we did this Mattie branding direct now I'm working on making the helmet law mandatory in every state in the union because I computer system or neck controls our whole corporate body being emotionally mentally spiritually and physically without the computer what are you GonNa do yeah yeah absolutely absolutely in in talking about all your roles in all the movies you've been in what is the one or two that you always look back and you're like man that was the one that I've really nailed or I had the most fun doing that one well the one the ones I've had the most fun with all of them but the was I didn't I didn't I didn't nail him they nailed me now's buddy holly movie did I did in England with nick rogue and that went to competition and the and film festival and fresh lethal weapon stars born under siege point break people you know you see it and you even seen a Goto I think people are doing it on stage now which is almost the true sign of a cult classic they bring it out on stage they have a point break to people talk about it's one of those movies if you're watching on TV and you see it on I watched the whole thing no matter what don't get off my seat well it was a magical movie and at the end of the Bovey Patrick Swayze God bless you Patrick swayze yes we're we're both Harris County in Texas she houston I'm Goose Creek he wouldn't let me alone he said you gotta go skydiving with me you'll be perfectly safe jump out of a perfectly good airplane at thirteen thousand feet.

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