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So especially on a good team like the titans they have, they decided their big thing is. I think is a guard or tackle too big. A big contract became the highest tiller. The one. Kim, the highest tackle the high-speed tackle in the NFL is eighty million dollar contract the so with this with the Tennessee titans. So you've got like time. He says, this is a guy who's been able to. Show upside even though he wasn't the biggest, the most highly touted player out of Michigan. He's two time pro bowler and has released that up since he's been in the NFL. So you gotta give him some credit and you deserve deserve ses raise. If you wanna call tat or his new contract, and he's going to help those two running backs. They're put up the put up the numbers of the hid, their fantasy owners wanting to put up because. He's he's a, he's a mover even though he's a tackle. So I mean, yeah, maybe it will extend plays for Marcus mariota to get the ball to Dion Lewis in the passing game. So there you go always works out some somehow. All right. Moving along to other kind of. I mean, I like we're kind of comping here. Now those guys weren't the best examples of the holy veteran value versus young gamble versa. Kind of like I was saying with the Brady versus Shawn Watson kind of scenario. But now there's going to be situations in Cleveland. We're going to have to. I mean, I don't know if you stay away from any of those. All those running backs to you. Take Nick Chubb. Do you take? I mean veteran value, honesty, veteran.

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