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Another insurer. People another juror had notes from from a jury that was hearing the same case but a different defendant a different trial. Same case Every time I look at the judges face Judge Kyle. I am worried. He's going to stroke out he's GonNa vein out and choke someone he can't handle this anymore. It's too much right. Okay so wait. It's not over with jury issues. All right something else happening and I think this is something that's happened to a lot of lawyers. Let's listen to this Cabela's said let me know that. Looked like he was struggling to stay awake at some point This afternoon I watched him. I don't think he fell asleep but it sure was struggling so playing both sides in case you think I do need be need to make an inquiry and also so both sides can keep their eye on him as well Aw Approach at any time. Italy Falling Asleep Juror. This unfortunately is not one hundred percent an uncommon. It can happen but to me. That is more reflection of the way the case is being tried. I completely agree other than the jurors instead of talking talking about so many witnesses Taylor show maker Angela. Right bringing Angela Wright played Taylor show makers interview or bring her in bring in live witnesses instead ahead of all of these cops talking about testimony and they're doing it in such a slow manner they're losing jury right and things things have picked up incredibly during different parts of this trial. But you have to have. I think as as the person trying the case you've got to have the pulse of the of the case and the pulse of the jury. Sorry to keep their attention and if you lose one who's falling asleep that yes that's not good. We need whatever you're doing not resonate and when you say Paul's I think rhythm you have have to keep the energy up you have to keep rhythm you have to keep them engaged and this is what. I'm hoping Benny Okay so Thanksgiving we're all going to have like blots Turkey and Tryptophan and we're going to be very well rested and everyone's going to be ready to go next week. Here's the problem. Here's the problem. What if that Juror has leftover over Turkey Turkey and and he's making Turkey sandwiches and bring them into the jury room in the afternoon? It's going to be rough. It's GonNa be rough rough. I'm telling you okay. All right we'll see. We'll see them so happy Thanksgiving everyone. We are very thankful for you. We are thankful for you and you know what if you like the podcast you would love court TV itself. If you haven't seen the network we relaunched this spring if you have a digital antenna rescan it. Okay take eight the holiday break to take the digits and rescan because our single now flying in the air across America almost everywhere so the chances are you have right where everyone and you may not even know it. So that's all I have to say about happy Thanksgiving happy Thanksgiving this. This podcast is a production of court. TV could court. TV Dot Com for more content trials on demand and find out how to watch court TV in your area Korea.

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