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Astronomy astrophysics author and occasional tv quiz show super quiz. Let's get this patient. Show contestant drills ally charles said forty two very yeah yeah thing i says. It's amazing how quickly that comes round still now. Hazing is absolutely to finish off our cortex coming back to something. Who by popular demand because gobbles hayes. Even its former grub caster and the other half of the missing episodes podcast. Tim right good evening. Can i apologize for not being gavin. Where is seven. Is he just busy or is there some sort of pending inquiry which which is suspended until is was always something right now. I think he's just busy or on holiday. He did give me an excuse for not being able to start. Something about is the dog. So work. I think all right and he just doesn't like the gunfight various times he's the other one because we've already as an avid listener gavin from like historical sorry gavin. So we'll we'll kick off. I guess we'll kick off by having a lookit. The gunfight is written by donald cotton. We haven't looked at on cottonwood before directly by rex. Tucker of course was going to direct the first one and finally got renting when seasons. I mean obviously if there's one thing that we all knew about a gunfight is growing up or at least in the early eighties sorry. I said before your time that it was the narrow doctor we. We were told that on on good authority. It has very low viewing figures. I actually when you look in fact. They went as low as all that and they got far worse later on in this series and then also this season for but audience appreciation was very low. Apparently was only thirty percent exit for whatever. Thirty percent meant commissions by john. Wells and tunnel tauch but actually realized by louis davis he was kick us off then with with the comfort. Well should i take up from there. Because i think that's an important access of this story. Because legend has it. The as you say. Walls and tosh commissioned and in his lloyd and jerry davis had already decided that they didn't like historical and they didn't like comedies or they didn't like style of comedy and so when you're watching the mythmakers it feels a little bit like a game of two hoff's doesn't and that feels to me. I mean polls much better on this writing style stuff but it feels to me. That you've got a truer version of cotton's doctor who in the first two episodes and then it feels more like it loses. Its way as the rewriting gets heavier as it goes on. Because i think. I think i'm right in saying that. Cotton wrote a witty script per the mythmakers and they had various nervous moments when they were making it and i think they all sat down and watched the fifty-seven gunfights at the ok corral and decided it needed more action and then they decided it was too dry so then they don't see now living a bunch of comedy and You know like is it finneas with the stutter. And so on and stevens that's not limited to that that no writer writes stevens comedy which is very game the done so yeah it feels like a bit of a mixed bag but i really enjoy it and the reason i really enjoy it is because i can block almost everything and just concentrate on william hartnell having a whale of a time and showing. He's got timing..

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