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The low is 38 degrees inland. Saturday night Sunny high of 60 for Sunday a high of 70. On Tuesday, by the way, the highest eight right now. 54 degrees at 4 31. CBS News Brief The president stands his ground when it comes to banning knew downloads of Chinese own TIC tac, and we chat have to have the total security from China just know we're not going to do anything to jeopardize security. The CDC backtracking on guidelines. They changed last month about Corona virus testing more from CBS's Stephen Portnoy that suggestion that the close contact of those who've had the virus and need not be tested if they don't feel sick. Has now been replaced with a version more closely aligned with common sense. The CDC now again says that people exposed to the virus cannon should be tested even if they're not showing symptoms. The news comes as the president promises a vaccine as early as 2021 more than 300,000. People are still without power after Hurricane Sally drenched areas of the Gulf cults with more than 2 ft of rain. Local officials say the storm cost at least $29 million in damage, and Florida's Escambia County and Pensacola alone. CBS NEWS BRIEF I'm Lisa Matteo. W T. M. J News time for 32 from the M J breaking News Center. The records continue to fall for covert 19 in Wisconsin. Rusty Mellberg has more and the double D M J breaking News center. Eric State Health officials report 2533 cases from the over 13,000 tests analyzed today. Now that's That's a new one day record for the States and It's the second straight day with new daily tests to passing 2007 new deaths were also reported today. Now the current state of covert 19 in Wisconsin is part of the reason why the Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference has suspended all winter sports through the end of 2020, a high school teacher in the Green Bay area in the Howard Sua Miko school district, has died. After being hospitalized for covert 19 school district officials sent a letter to students families notifying them that Heidi Huxley died on Thursday letter said that the Bayport High school German teacher was hospitalized briefly before her death. 47 year old Hustler E was a native of Beaver Dam and taught German For 16 years of Bayport. She is survived by her husband and son. With the ongoing Corona virus pandemic. Medical professionals are saying it's more important than ever to get the flu shot. UW Madison is Dr James Conway tells Wisconsin Morning news because code 19 and the flu share many of the same symptoms. Getting a flu shot helps narrow down the possibilities that we can take flew off the table. Then when people develop those symptoms, at least it's more likely than that. They actually really may have Kobe. So that's part of the idea of trying to avoid the evil twin damage, Dr Conway says. This year. The flu vaccine is available earlier than in years past and in good quantities. Jane Matt NEAR W. T. M J knew today at Sunset begins the celebration of the Jewish New Year.

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