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Same -day shipping from twelve locations across north america business owners sellers fires shippers and packers believe uline is the hard -working dependable source for your shipping and industrial supplies visit uline dot com this is wt lp news everything you need every time you listen wt lp producers desk is wired by i b e w local twenty six where electrical actors com Wednesday morning midweek september twentieth twenty twenty three welcome in this two a m are glad you're with us i mean lane teddy gilman is our producer among the top stories we're following for you as we roll into this early wednesday morning together on wt lp we begin the ride this half hour with efforts to avoid on falling flat for now at least on capitol hill this morning there's been a pair of major setbacks this week for house republicans a preview from wt lp capitol hill correspondent mitchell miller today on the hill wednesday the morning latest setback republicans failed to muster enough support for a procedural vote to consider the pentagon spending bill that follows house speaker kevin mccarthy's decision to postpone a procedural vote on a short term spending bill aimed at averting a government shutdown the chair of the house republican conference elise stefanik says they're not giving up the speaker said we're going to continue working through this process and if that includes staying through the weekend we're going to do that the head of the democratic caucus pete aguilar says republicans are in disarray this is a problem of their own choosing as negotiations continue the window for an agreement keeps getting smaller the shutdown deadline will hit near the end of next week on capitol hill mitchell miller w to be near to thirty two wednesday morning a double d gop t o house republicans will hold their first official hearing next week on trying to formally impeach president joe a house oversight committee spokesman says it will focus on constitutional and legal questions surrounding allegations of the president's involvement in sun hunter biden's overseas business dealings republicans like majority whip tom emmer say their probe has uncovered a culture of corruption within the biden family president biden repeatedly lied to the american people about his involvement in his family's corrupt business dealings while ever stresses the increase only a tool to learn more about the allegations of the white the house blast the move as a political stunt amid a presidential campaign california democrat pete agular says the g o p again gave in to what donald trump wants revenge tour of his prior impeachments saga or magani washington meantime hunter biden will plead not guilty apparently during his initial court appearance on three federal felony gun charges his attorneys are now asking the delaware court this week to allow the president's son to make an initial appearance via video conference rather than in person cbs news senior investigative correspondent katherine heritage hunter biden's attorney wants his initial court appearance by video conference setting excessive security costs and the president said during the covid -19 lockdowns his legal team says the government's opposition to their request is puzzling because they say hunter biden is not asking for special treatment to pennsylvania now in a closely watched special election there democrats are breathing a sigh of relief this morning after voters at lindsay powell to the states house of representatives that means the party will retain its one -vote majority in the house powell a thirty two -year -old former congressional aide worked in dc for senate leader chuck schumer republicans still have a twenty eight twenty two majority right now in the state senate creating a divided legislature the division has most recently mired the state in the two -month budget stalemate w t o p at two thirty four cbs news brief on this fifth day of the workers auto strike union members picketed at a plant in toledo ohio we want to know what's happening with the other plants we want promises to on uh... you know transferring over the eve so we don't want to be left behind in that the actors and writers your strike continues make james covers the entertainment industry for the los have been tired of being out of work for five months you know people's tensions are high people are that worried they're not going to be able to afford their homes studios and writers will resume contract talks on wednesday president biden told the united nations general assembly that the u s is standing with ukraine in its defense and the russian invaders nearly a war of conquest brought out provocation by russia ukraine like every nation in the world the united states wants this war to end and wants this war to end more than ukraine cbs news brief i'm christopher cruise double will be to use time now to thirty five you know how plumbing problems always seem to come up at the worst possible time will 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