Erica Jane, Scott, Joe Mellencamp discussed on Bitch Sesh: A Real Housewives Breakdown


Me the wrong way for some reason get on my tv hasn't been highlighted that much and we got this bit from erica when we sat down with her but i think her the strongest friendship right now is between lease arena and erica oh i don't think they're highlighting it that much of your thoughts on teddy teddy's joe mellencamp yeah i can see 'cause she's getting a lot of backlash for being boring and not like a good add onto the group i actually think she's pretty good just because they have loud in big like when you have someone like erica jane you need a teddy who's more like grounded and gets a tonnage issue need to split it a little bit because the other ladies with erica the other ladies are like up there looks and they're really i mean that boat ride on the last episode where it's like i was like what are they to to read scott these red knee high but they're all like what's erica gonna look like what they were gonna look like we got to like make it so that we look better hire somebody a backless jacket all of them were coming to play except for teddy was just like let's happened like we need her because she's like erica's setting a bar that's pretty high and they're all meet and into it we need teddy to be like guys you guys are ridiculous because the beverly hills housewives they show money like no other of the housewives we are constantly seeing like being like going this store and seeing like three thousand six or something like that like i appreciate i do appreciate it there really are like the lifestyles of the rich home eat up i mean i like the costumes i liked to see i mean rim is just teddy.

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