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Hi i'm erin andrews. And i'm chris thompson and we wanted to call it. Everyone hates us but the suits didn't like that so meet our new podcast. Calmed down with aaron charissa. Just two chicks talking about all this stuff others won't like this current breakout. I'm having or will getting kicked out of dog daycare for peeing on other dogs. It's the good the bad even the ugly and everything in between calm down with aaron and garissa premier step Seventeenth listen and follow on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to podcasts. Coming up at the top of the hour about four minutes after. It's my strawberry letter today. The subject mayhem in her but right now. The nephew is here with today's prank phone. Call what you got for his neff. Well you know quite a bit this week. Valentine's day prank heels number. Are you stop it. This is for the lovers out there. Okay this is all the lovers so turn it up real loud and get this balanced and valentine's day praying. Let's go. hey. I'm trying to reach Travis yeah this man this guy. I'm trying to ask Wanted to reach out to you man. Hey man do you know what you're getting To girl diane for valentine's i wanna make sure we don't get the same thing. Who's this this did this change. You want to make sure that we all get the same thing for my girl who how you know my girl. I know i work. I work with diane man. I'm getting all ladies some in the office. I'm gonna get them how to get in for my good i. I'm not hold on. Hold on listen to me man. I'm trying. I'm trying to get some of the latest in then for can get some everybody else. I don't know about what you're telling trying to your you talk about what they mean against cancer guy. I never mentioned kendrick. Let me come on august you you you you you up fan when i'm trying to do man i'm just trying to get out of the latest some man just a little. Hey hey hold. Oh no doubt doing the most you do right now. You ain't gotta get home my lady. You understand me why. Why are you coming in sideways. Man is like. I say i'm just saying the other. You know you know so my appreciate that work with them. Saw melilla and i wanna make. I wouldn't get in the same thing that you might be getting them out doing. Yeah tell you. I'm telling you we may who am i. Guess you ain't got nothing to do with my guy you ain't got nothing to do with. I let me call who they had it. What'd you say your name was. How many kids you together. Though i know that the show i got to me like him you don't want to waste. I'm trying to get some from my stupid. i do not hold up. I getting another man. I got your number from from a is another do told me he gave me. What's the big deal. I'm just trying to give some berritown. Maybe it ain't no. What do you work at. How long have you been working anyway. i've i've been here for about three months three months but you you're supposed to be buying anybody anything anyway. Posted on probation. What'd you say. They were giving kids. How you work. That's why are you being you being hoste. Seen hostile you don. I'm trying to say. But that's what i'm trying to do. You know what i'm talking about. I just showed ladies in the office. That i got a little respectful so my wife build a round hit. You got nothing you simple. What you you're going to work on the floor. I know they're on the third floor. We all cool. Man i i. I don't even say stability man. How do you know my life. I didn't know about working without it. So when you say you're supposed to be a better time. Give they let me i. I don't even argh let me ask you this. Do you think she liked. Victoria's secret i'm i'm on my way right now. But wh- now what's the deal. They'll be playing with my family like that. You understand what be going about man what you say you on the fourth floor. Yeah but that's what's your house staff man. I'm just what would you. Because you know. I'm i'm on. I'm on the four day on the third. You know much. Look right when you get off the elevator wires tripping though doug you talking about right now you ain't nobody by my wife secrets about a girlfriend wife or something you gotta you know. No i got a little some. I'm seeing right now. But i ain't get you believe my wife i. Did you know what i'm talking about. How how many people cow this anyway. Now you the first person i called. I'm the first person you call. I'm glad you you stupid to get that. That'd be you need to focus on that. Never here boever. That is that you team your favorite. You know somebody leave mine out of this. I a metal about women talking crazy to me. That what you've been talking crazy. So what did you say they all. I'm saying you gotta be you gotta be tripping on high style with me the way you acting up. That's all. I'll say what mortality. Somebody's about to file a gift for my my wife. You need me to add doubts about to get you out. Kelly was like this. What did you say my name. Kansas man i say it. I was trying to be nice to the latest. In the authors really took niceness around. You probably get this was about to happen pay. You gotta have no high style attitude about this man you. My attitude is one of them. Oh putin's trying to give them my dad. I had no art another gay. Another games if dying you can leave. How did it. I'm telling you you get your the situation. Let's a to come out of fake l. dollars deal. Do you see what happened. Oh so so okay you now ask you before. What's i think. Do see well man by whatever you think she will whatever you think she will you buy it. Okay so let me get some. Yeah yeah yeah i'm cool. Would you get something. It's cool with me. Getting pani and bras set man. You getting your know you back to be hasta eat. I can buy something like. Hey why are you tripping. I don't know how did you got my number. But i'd say the truth man you better. You better leave my wife alone. Don't don't even look at dying. You don't even look at diane get you know you. Okay now let me let me tell you say something you man. What but. I wanna tell you this man. This is nephew. Tommy from the steve harvey morning shows. You'll live diet. Di pray phone call. You may what no no this nephew. Tommy man for the stephen morning. Show your wife. Ooh get up. I'm good Nephew tommy man. I was about to get up there on the forefront of. I'm talking about with the two right out today. you will fool man. I'm get. I'm gonna get her. Somebody you timing man for real man coz at this telling you heavy over here about to resign. Don't say hey say you are a one more thing. Though was the bad as radio. Show when the lane. Man steve off the morning show man. God i love bad this he s you about photon what you say. Your.

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