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Yeah well and then we tearing pa wheels were on those two zero and betrayed but anyway that i am at the end lego there's right there basically yeah uh but okay there you go hey thank you good to talk with you yeah of course we are also talking about the toy soldiers there was one toy like that there was not so great where you got this metal and you would heated up in a little thing and then pour it into a mole to make your own toy soldiers and lots of kids got burned were that i was among them our number is eight hundred seven three six three six six six we're gonna talk to david and ron steve we want to talk to you we're going to go to john in chicago right now hi john what toys do you like or did like yeah i'm a little bit younger i grew up in an nagas um i liked very quick i liked a remotecontrol cars i work all direct assured i would go out of so far ira grow up our look why it i let flyers quiet at a thing that would light up uh by uh i like a walk very white quite during the walkman libya and no astronaut fair would be staggered jarrett's earth i like no other bought up sagger dares segregate aims yeah there was rogue one a duke no come was was also kind of fun you know if miracle no government or the two dams that kind of got me started when they are the computer world yeah they were all out apart that's great thank you john keep playing well here is steve and charleston year on first lied highest steve hey how you doing good wilder dancer what are your questions about the lego problem dirt her own worst enemy they've actually created a video game and my grand plan plays at all and scott big lego movie and they got other lego things and you could do all categories.

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