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It is three thirty two in the afternoon how he rose and Susan Waldman with you on the fan until five o'clock still to come and a little after four o'clock we will check with the former broadcast partner of mine Tom McCarthy now the TV voice of the Philadelphia Phillies Jerry Mathers as the beaver is going to be with us at four twenty to reflect on his late friend Ken Osmond better known to the world as the inimitable iconic Eddie Haskell and that for forty five we'll hear from the TV voice of the world champion Washington nationals Bob carpenter but right now we are joined by a person who has worked in baseball in New York for the Mets since nineteen eighty and frankly I would the finances and I'm sure you'll agree with this I would defy anyone to have a bad word to say about J. Horowitz because I've never heard one and J. has finally put his forty years of experience into a book it's called Mr met Jacob deGrom did the forward J. Horowitz is the author and J. thanks for spending some time with us this afternoon what are we going to finally meet you guys well I appreciate you guys know it did hit double digits I'm proud of that because I know he had a stamp J. has been cajoled by everyone who's known him at least half of the forty years that he's been with the Mets and I'm certainly one of them who is said come on Jay got to read a book you got to write a book and J. always rejected out of hand he said no plan on doing that's not me what made you finally decide to do it you know art negative twenty three anymore I'm getting near the end of my career you know so my whole life and they always made to make people laugh to make fun of myself with no charge for it you always tell me if the boys didn't like you they wouldn't screw with your ends they must like me a little bit because this could make me a lot I mean what happened how funny stories what it's like to be part and it's a forty year that's right did some humorous story public people actors maybe cry a little bit couple parts of the book I just try to you know good time as any and every day flight ticket put a booklet can hurt anybody you know what to make anybody mad hello tell some funny stories and make myself the biologic jokes you know J. one of the things and I started I started reading that and you made me smile when I saw the name Arthur Richman home you know obviously after his long career with the Mets win over the Yankees and and he would always talk about you and and the fact that you just put in all the richer for people that don't know was the traveling secretary for the Mets for a hundred twenty years and then he came over to the Yankees in you told some great stories he knew everybody and my favorite then I don't know that you know this is that I was walking in the office once and his secretary said Arthur president bush is on the line and art there without a sub a moment said which one here and now that was the right yeah what we would Pittsburgh to get here he fell in the stadium anyway back to the hotel and the hotel the rating it was disconnection was on the phone from us because you have authorized by the time you want he was so good for me he introduced to Pete rose George grant Jones Joe Torrey what you chose restaurant by parties down the village's everybody are you manually he has a new PR guy denied it in order with so far is way to be nice to begin boxer with delightful couple an item that we did get it started for me he taught me about you get along the prickly he was a good good man he's a really good man you know when she started with the Mets in nineteen eighty the team it just been sold they have been a bad club for a few years certainly going back to the Tom Seaver trade in nineteen seventy seven and the attendance and interest in the Mets had fallen to really all time lows in franchise history so J. who had been a sports information director at Fairleigh Dickinson university needed to be creative to try and get some attention for the Mets at a period in time where the Yankees certainly ruled the city what's more the couple or three of the most creative things that you did with that when it's to get them some exposure air time or anything else that at least drew some attention to them what what got me started how we stock fully in which he signed a five year contract if the eighty he's in with a country western can you confirm with you start with the Oak Ridge boys so I came up with the idea let's hold this press conference in a in a country with a nightclub in Manhattan tricare should agree everybody wore about cowboys how to make snapped a picture right how does Donald repent he was on the back page of the Daily News the next day you look like Elmer Fudd we had no chance right okay what do you do what you got to protect me and I kind of surprised that you're in we do stories ugliness deleted ice skater up you know correct form while seeing Joel Youngblood shoot going hunting with bows and arrows if you like all my friends from college or high school the fact the press box in the early eighties with very very thank you press box at that time and he's not kidding Frank Cashen in a cowboy hat look like Yosemite Sam I mean that was the most it could one of my in a moment you know but here's when you talk about in the book you talk about moments and and maybe since you know the story or not when J. one for his job interview talk about almost not getting the job right what did you do that almost got you thrown out of the office or even sat down let me give credit back to four seconds I had accepted a job Michael used to be the N. F. I. T. might have called before the might get started really early eight you look me up to be the best staff Dr Tony Kubica joker at yolo I accepted the job maybe in January February but ten days later I get a call from somebody to I'm so much so for them that you like love your job the PR guy you would come in if you are hung up I hung up the phone on the guy who's a friend of mine three days later the guy calls back if you will but I will go down as the Petersburg I'm supposed to go to the Edgewater beach hotel I went to the Hilton hotel later in the interview so I got to the hotel right you sit near this little white tennis shorts are so nervous like what did you do this myself I knocked all the units to cater to all Jews or blacks as all my god it's not going well after about five minutes I went back to the airport I call my late mother Donna is no way I got the job you know forty years later I'm still here I don't know how close you know I'm one of the things in and there are great stories in here and the thing that everybody else that was not with the Mets really appreciated it was you know a lot of PR people well can you get me someone so wild thing I'm going to go ask him I don't know World Series two thousand I remember asking J. for a couple of people well okay I can get you you know Joe bird bath at two forty eight and I got okay standing there with my little bike about two forty eight outcomes J. J. you know that just doesn't happen in baseball and I remember the guys in Boston telling me about the eighty six World Series how you know that that the Boston club also is a tough place in those days and and but if J. Harwood said I'll get you Gary Carter at three thirty comes Gary Carter at three thirty so it's not just funny stories and how you'll agree with this you know this this man you know is at the top of the the PR mountain for is far as I'm concerned aye aye Charlie also has a heart as.

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