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Now to the news report up to about one hundred homes are under evacuation orders in Glendale because of a fast moving brush fire that threaten the Glen oaks canyon area north of the one thirty four freeway forward progress at the fires apparently been stopped started before four thirty this afternoon near Colorado Boulevard the one thirty four the buildings lost about thirty acres of burned water dropping helicopters are still working a hot spot for the fire freeway traffic is the biggest problem right now full closure still clogging lanes of the one thirty four and the two freeways in the Glendale in eagle rock areas will have more in the traffic report coming up to people been hurt in a house fire in the Belmont square area of LA this woman says the house with her parents yeah that's my my my my brother my mom they are fine so that's the second set firefighters say a twenty year old woman in fifty five year old man were burned in the house fire the fire started around one fifteen this morning on west fifty second place a one hundred pound pig is been tranquilized by an animal control officer after terrorizing people in a neighborhood near the Cleveland National Forest police say the big pig was charging at people in the neighborhood in corona on Friday night authorities were able to corral the pig in the backyard and they shot a tranquilizer dart into it the big was taken in a horse trailer to a shelter and ripple valley to be fed and cared for an animal services spokesman says that they're not sure if it's a loose path or a wild boar Disney has given fans at the D. twenty three convention in Anaheim a sneak peek of its remake of one hundred and one Dalmatians a live action movie is cruel well starring law the lands of the stone AT T. make that D. twenty three conventions wrap it up you can check it out.

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