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You're a Broncos, saying about his performance there, too, plays this stand out to me, and I want to ask If they were under throws. If they were mistakes by Teddy, the first one he mentioned there with the KJ Hamler deep pass that Ben said that that he thought that was not only a bad spot for Teddy to throw the ball to. It was also under thrown. KJ should have come up with it. It hit him in the stomach, but we'll get to that. The other one was a pass down the sideline to Noah Fant. That was super short. Hit the defender in the back, basically, so I wanted to know based on what those two were. What did you know? This and what is what are we going to see the breakdown? Yeah, well, I mean, listen, I'm going to nerd out about the one that he under throws the thing because it's what we call Why shallow special, but it's also their deep pain or their Seahawk. Which they run. So much of So to me, This is like this is the you know, High five to Pat Shurmur, because it's like, dude recognize. Hey, we lead the league and running Cuba too deep, You know, Seahawk. Let's go ahead and throw shallows special off of it. And by God, it was wide open, right? We've got to hit that one. You thought, Teddy? I mean, you know he was picked right? Like He knows being well that he under through it, and that you know, should be a chunk play. The other one is the same exact play for Minnesota. Right? Everyone in the league. Run that right now It's easy. Read where both those guys Are really on. Hey, go ahead and take the roof off. But if you can't sit at 16 to 20 yards Well, we just so happen to have the one dude in the NFL outside of Tyreek Hill, who doesn't have to sit right? You have KJ Hamler like there's two people consistently on film who don't sit on the read, and it's KJ Hamler and Tyreek Hill. That's it. That's the only two guys in the NFL right now that have proven you know what I can just run by you. No matter what coverage you're in. And then bend 100%. Right, Heidi just under through that, right? That's not like, you know, when you have KJ hamler out there, go ahead and let it rip. But you better let that being referred early. I think You know again. I don't want to start like, Oh, Drew would have done this. But that is the one that drew hit in Minnesota. Right? And I think in terms of what does Teddy need to do? He just needs to get the ball out a little sooner And then obviously, KJ still needs to make that play. But when you're talking about It's not like a little under thrown to where I can slow down and still being tried and the receiver has to do the full 1 80 back pedal and then try to catch it while someone's closing on me. It's a lot more difficult than That people are going to make it out to be. No. Yes, it hit him in the stomach. But there were a couple like Mike Evans had on Thursday night. It ended up hitting him a stomach. But You know if you were to ask Brady after he'd say, Yeah, I threw it way too late. So that's you know, why would the window the way it was? It hit him in the stomach. But that's a heck of a. You know, we've all done distraction Drill. That's a Hard cast in reality. Yeah, I think that's the thing most people don't realize they're turning your body around like that. The ball gets in on the inside in on your chest like that. It makes that catch a lot more difficult. Teddy should have put it up and outside. You know, KJ was Wide open. I mean, wide open on that play, but you know, you got to hang on to that as a receiver to I mean, that's on your hands, ball hitting the hands ball, which gets catchable like that. You've got to catch those. And so you know, I don't want to nitpick teddy down because I don't want to Teddy hater guy, but that was that was a ball that, you know, looking in looking for things to criticize. That was one that jumped out. Um, overall, I felt like the offensive line held up pretty well, Um, I just didn't like the way they didn't get much push in the run game. Yeah. I mean, they really didn't I I ate I don't want to say that that was by design because you never design a run, play and not be successful. I do think that the Giants and this is like I haven't seen this since I've broken down like You know holy oak not to not to take a shot at Holyoke. But like you could literally get the Giants to auto check in the bear like just running 12 personnel out there, And I do think Pat Shurmur was running 12 personnel out there to get this single high coverage. And that they are front and then he should have just thrown out of it. Right. If you know a team's going to auto check you into something that stops the run. You should probably not run the ball. I don't want to say like, Hey, I don't want to fully bailout the line because there's situations where Hey, listen, we're big on big and we still need to get a push right? Like when you're talking like just team mentality and offensive mentality. You want to talk about that without being said as a coach when they spend a single high coverage. We need to throw the ball and I think You know, I really after watching the film and Washington the makeup of the game. I really wonder if we're going to see a transition. To a Broncos off and it is the first in 10 more traditional drop back or play action team because I do think what Teddy showed in terms of his decision making and traditional drop back quick game. And the play action, not the run action stuff with the play action that I think he just made enough Good decision to where you could really say you know what? I'm 1st and 10. Let's go ahead and throw the ball. Right, Let's turn into a team that we're gonna we're gonna, you know, have a modified running game by getting it to the perimeter earlier and I do think that we have to do to do it and listen. K. J. Hammond got to play a little bit more, put him in the slot and just throw a bubble. There's some stuff that you can do. To really alleviate if you start seeing these heavy fronts, and then, of course, like you guys know the second, they spin back and play too high. That was just run the ball because we have the numbers. That's exactly right. Actually thought overall, Teddy did a pretty good job, and I would love to. You know your perspective on it of of checking things out, getting his protections and, of course, Monitoring what they were doing with the box. But the question I want to ask you more specifically because you tend to be fairly critical of Pat Shurmur and some of your breakdowns. What do you think about the play calling? The past the man I mean, there's like tonight..

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