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Have you seen what you do for a living and so faulty thank you so much for your call it a dot iraq smug is on its way to you and if you'd like a done that rock smug radical another website adult that rocks dot com or via any of our social media 'cause we publish every show to facebook agoo plus and they become at there we rely on the show we'll send your mud and definitely follow us on twitter i'm met carl franklin he is that rich campbell's send this tweet we run the flip struck if we set your twin sister music swords they can you imagine you took all those tweets you just turned him into a stream of bits and then just put him through if should look at modem running a sound like all right well let's bring our esteemed guests on today joseph sir ashes a corporate vice president in the artificial intelligence and research group of microsoft he currently leads microsoft's platform strategy in products such as azure machine learning as your cognitive services azure search and bought framework prior to this role he was the cvp for microsoft's data platform welcome joe's of thank you call is a pleasure to be here pleasure to have either so what did you think of the flop all year i actually wanted to hear that pete of hampton paint i'll be tell you feel like i feel i do exactly who freely my life and i wear it 'cause i don't need sufficient number guitar player and i was hugely inspired by peter frampton so this is kind of funny i was just saying my wife yesterday we were talking about you know she says i wash her underwear.

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