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Seventy two degrees today. Cloudy skies tonight, dropping down to fifty tomorrow, cloudy skies with a high of sixty eight again clouds now, fifty one degrees outside of the planet fitness studios. I want to seven five Casey, Al you want to know what's better than getting a really great workout is getting that great workout and then long after the classes over you're still burning calories. That is exactly what happens with title boxing club since joining title boxing club. My workout routine has really been working. For me. As a matter of fact, it doesn't even feel like I'm doing a workout at all. It's that much fun. When you take a boxing class because of the high intensity interval training, your body burns calories for hours after the workout. And look when it comes to working out need all the help. I can get I want to burn calories during the class. And then. Yeah. While I'm walking around or even sitting on the sofa watching TV I wanna be burning calories. That's how high intensity interval training works short bursts of really high powered exercise. That's what get your body burning. You get your frustrations out. You're burning calories. You're looking you're feeling great title boxing club right here in Greensboro on Westridge. And battleground in Greensboro, you can roll the dice or how the monkeys. For penguin? Degrees row science center. Did you know that a Peacock's feathers can be used as defense the spots? Look like is which can scare away potential predators. What else were you? Discover find out at the Greensboro science center discovered the world around you right in your own backyard with.

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