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All Right Ladies and Gentlemen Boys and girls Feast Your eyes in tune your ears. If that time again, we are live with another episode of the Authority Project. It's the video podcast streamed on facebook youtube twitter and periscope where we talked to digital marketers, business coaches, and creators of all kinds on how built authority in their field and how you can mimic their success developing authority building your audience, and attracting better clients to your own business. Now, without further ado, let's bring to the virtual stage your host Brian S. Arnold. All right. We are back when episode of the. Guy In Brian is. In your the project, we want to slap authority to your name. So you can stay more of what you're great at and we are here early today this early for for a for me anyway late for video was good for in here on here on the show. and. I'm very humid and hot right now I told her earlier today. We're GONNA get through this together. For the show but let's get started video I. Have Video Ravi on a couple of got that. Right Janine. If it. Yeah. Robert yes so. She is here to. Help US implement relationship marketing in our facebook ads and white. So important. So I'm excited to could we don't have a lot of people who are FISK ED experts on this show. So we're excited to have her on here. We're going to test out here in figure out what this relationship marketing years before we dive in. Lists. I. Give the audience a little little bit about you Robbie show them who you are telling you are personally and then professionally. Okay. So High Van I'm so bad here on the audience Okay. So my name as. On I specialize in facebook gut strategies. Behalf donate to see I live in India and I have make So. To be. Exempt. Relationship Marketing down ads envelope with ankles. Data's that stop main focus on with specific economy industries that will do not fat just. Dropping stuff so That's our main focus in the industry. So we have. Been I actually hear your action, Alachua okay. That's me. It'll. Okay. So we have established without heavy in both That's yet even though I. AM great faded affect methods be established authority Major League through again, I. Don't obey traffic. So I lost like a hundred thousand of my. Coming from Amana Classic so That's. Okay. So tell so your personal, you didn't say anything about yourself personally. Yeah, the damage staff. Within this business any levels? Lake. Okay. So I was engineer I would job I wanted to with my job when I had my child. I was going back because I had underpaid on his debts I'm. So I just one day something happened my whole. I will be actually you. We need the booth on this money in order to keep S. Paid by just give me three months wondered I something online I want to stay with the Good I. Don't want to give the speed it up by noticed some illegal. So and he said like, that's okay. You can go anti one, eighty one is okay When it's Because we've just bought home on behind hormones so. It's I. Didn't win only manage, but he said slow. Kind of baby. But it so. He didn't finish I will do convincing him. He just he just mood nearly month if it doesn't go back door as. I. I would make this look on comic by aid. But, he disliked if you doesn't look in payments Dates but. because. He would never come on cloud if you're not show about something. So if you read. It was within dawn I indicates jumping. After coming online on High Antonio Independent Marketing at that point. Company. So the the. Ones, the good I'm within six months I had employers looking for me. So I pay fast. Wow and so so what led you down to to to The path of online advertising with the story how'd you? How'd you get into online advertising I? started out I was like tech. I was as offense as he said. Rain to be amazing. So. So it was easy formation beyond of the be believe. They have. Legs. On. Excellent. Job that point because I learned talking degrees and just running. So that's solid look like dog at a job longer than like Okay Ida light on that as gossip fight that I've been. The. So I got a lot I got into this Garden Guy Scott invading fun of this. I was really fun to be a so. I had to come up award winning the dust. So then it was one of the easy. Making money I will really good everything was fine but. It just didn't stock this flaming. You'll challenge me because they said it was easy. Lake I can. sleeve It's nothing new about it slow. I'm Dan I don't stop letting basketball civilization actively transition like I. Know Of. Any.

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