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Can't game so i don't like are you scared. You darvish. no no see. They have other. They have another pitcher. But i'm just saying you know anybody else now. They'll become ill kid hi. I really feel like they're bagerhat if you give them one game. So you're not a rated giants you think. The giants are the easier of the two opponents. Yes yeah i see but then also would think also if we were to if we were to do the wild card. There's a chance to end the point. Bolt endless wildcard. Let's not let's not even use. The words wildcard on the show. Were within a half a game. I think we're going to take over that lead and monday morning. We're going to be up by a couple of games. How about that. I agree too. I mean i'm hoping for that. But i'm just saying they could become super team if you give the one game especially been thinking on them for the past week. We've been killing them. We swept him. Yeah all right drew. Hey thanks man. I appreciate it. I don't see. I think the giants have that weird thing that sometimes happens with team momo. You knew that you know this. You yeah played played sports. So isn't there appoint where you get hot. And you start to believe oh totally. You're really really good. And that leads to more wins. Like i think that's what happened with the giants i think in terms of raw talent we blow the giants out of the water onto a really good start and then started to believe. Hey were really good. Were in this thing and that belief has carried them to where they're yeah. They have a belief and they also have that same thing that the that the dodgers have their kind of built by the same guy. Far hans aidi is one of andrew's and your friedman's lieutenant k he. It's this idea of organizational depths so the thing with the padres as the thing with the giant is they have about six or seven outfielders and they just kinda bring them up and send them down and bring them up with somebody gets hurt. They bring another guy in there like the same thing. The dodgers do where they've been able to withstand a lot of the injuries that i think would have derailed other teams because they have more organizational depth like they had they have this random guy lamantia way junior right. He's he was not a prospect or anybody thought he said like fifteen home runs for or something up and he's been really good for him. You have another guy ossis later. They they they really good mix of veterans and especially the old guys i mean. Here's here's a good example. Guys brand crawford brandon belt and buster posing that have been around for a really long time and they've all risen to the occasion and then you've got the young guys rotation-wise you know we beat glossman kevin gassman. Who's their ace. You dr not darvish. Anthony disco fani. We beat him. I don't they're they're starting wade out. Johnny cueto doesn't scare me. Johnny cueto is four and a half year a guy so you know. i think. Maybe the giants aren't easier opponent. Maybe i'd rather face guzman and fani oppose to smell and and darvish. Yeah i and a lot of ways. The giants are better for the regular season than the playoffs. Because they act depth that cares through the regular season. They you know they just kinda ride the hot bat and ride the they they ever. Mandarin gave kappler. Who who does exactly what far honda eighty wants to do in terms of analytics and they're both very like minded in terms of analytics verb gave gap guy. The dodgers wanted to hire for a little while there. Sure right yeah he was. He came very very close to philly. Flamed out wound up in san francisco with bonsai eighty. They had relationship so and he's done a great job. Gave counselors not a really good job. It didn't work in philly for some reason. But he's done a really good job with the giants coming up next for you wheeler questions and i have promised that the questions for the rest of the week would be light light questions not unbelieveably serious questions so we will find out what is on the wheel of questions coming up. Plus i have been told that there is a promo playing on the radio station right now. All my gosh travis. Rodgers mocks me. Mock is a software for okay good. We'll do that. I mean do that right. After plus i was driving around almost got out of my car. Yeah i haven't heard yet so we'll play it right after wheel of questions coming up. I will respond to travis rodgers and whatever the hell so you know you. Don't my slogans. Come at me. Come at me travis. Rogers he was tackling at you. Cackling okay all right. Well listen to coming up mason. Ireland seven ten. Espn so. i've not heard it. I've not heard this promo that is running on the station there. Apparently travis rodgers comes at me. But chris morales just texted. Christopher morales guy you here at the beginning of each segment he says hey mr at me. You really sure you wanna do this bit. Absolutely bring it dude. I don't care what the promo is will respond really. I is that bad. Yeah well he came out you two weeks ago when you call them sixty seven or whatever you call them wall show whatever. Yep all right. Let's see the wheel of questions whore. Hey let's spin the wheel..

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