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Young student. Well speaks for itself student. Reporters and editors on college campuses as we go back to school this week. We've been a couple of places in our final stop. This afternoon is in knoxville. And we're joined by josh lane. Who is the sports editor the. Ut daily beacon. Josh thanks so much for being with us Congratulations on that position. And how are you get ready for a fall in knoxville tennessee. Yep all thanks for having me. I'm doing pretty well. We just started back on classes wednesday At a couple you know daily beacon meetings last couple days so we're getting back into the swing of things. It's been fun so far. I'm to let's talk about what's going on At practice and what we know sometimes coaches are helpful. And sometimes they make you guess. The quarterback situation seems to be where we're all is rn. Now in josh. Polls i i Fall what does it look like to you. Yeah we'll so far hypo has been playing cards close to his chest. He is not been willing to give starter yet I kind of the feeling that you know within the program. They've got their deaths chart made out and maybe they've got the top guy but they're not announcing that you get just you know it's hard to imagine that ten days before the first game. They're still undecided but they haven't released anything to the public yet So far i would say joe. Milton is probably been the guy that stood out as far as his size and athleticism. Strong arm that he has. But i've josh typos. Been you know not really willing to name starter yet. So let's let's kinda everybody's waiting on right now. Now coaches are always different about that Considering the opponent is for the first game. I doubt this is just a opinion. It really will make any difference but you guessed it hypo is just type of coach. Doesn't want to give anything away. Or maybe he really doesn't know hard to believe that though. Yeah that's what. I was thinking. I think he's just a coach it doesn't want to give it away on some of his You know assistance to defend coronations. All they've talked about that You know not wanna give away their base defense and also. I think this is kind of a a trait within the coaching staff. But you mentioned their first opponent bowling green. I don't think they're. I think they're gonna be full green regardless of if they have a couple of days for indices quarterback or not so. I think it's just something. That's within hypol- coaching staff this. This willingness to keep keep all the cards Their chest get every advantage that they can trash. Let's talk about this team because it's old news now that so many great players departed L. for elsewhere. I mean we're talking about some of the stalwarts of the last couple of years in knoxville. But how do you think it's gone without having seen him coach game yet other than in the spring. But how do think. It's gone so far for josh apple. Well so far quarterback thing. I would say so far so good for josh hypo At least within the program within the players right The kind of the mentality that some of the players had that they were talking about under jeremy pruitt there at the end was how much of a chore was coming in the practice. It felt like going into work on monday mornings and so far the know. The players had great reviews for josh hypol- In the vibes the culture that they're getting they're in the program. It's a been radically different. So i think everybody loves playing for him. I think he makes it fun. I think he's still. He's still saying disciplined in teaching. But he's got that balanced to where they enjoy it. They love coming in and playing football form. It seems like a certain narratives have have been formulated in one well. Tennessee may not win a lot this year. But it's going to be much more exciting to watch. I know that won't satisfy fans for a long time. But is that a fair description of what we're about to get into. Yeah i i think that's fair because obviously with hypo the thing brings that offense. And that's something that tennessee Been well documented in lacking. So you know just bringing that offense no having some quarterback competition and maybe a starter whenever they name it that you know might play the entire year and might be pretty good. I think that's something that You know something. That fans are excited for now whether not that means. He wins eight games this year. I don't think that's going to happen. I think it's still a work in progress. It's just hypospadias here. So give him time. But i do think that we're going to start seeing that progression in it might even start with you. Know a big. Big offense. Invite next thursday Against bowling green as you look at the schedule. There's certainly some flashpoint games and a lot of colleagues that we talked to here have pointed toward pittsburgh as being a really important game. They're all important. Let's not get caught up in cliches but because it's a good opponent. It's not a great opponents. Alex starting against clemson but pittsburgh is a known team because it really gets difficult after the tennessee tech game. It's at florida at missouri Those look promising sites south carolina probably and then the ole miss alabama kentucky georgia gauntlet. How do you evaluate what what these first couple of games could mean ultimately for the vol's yeah. They're going to be real important for tennessee. Because i mean you mentioned that you got it up there it gets it gets real god thing to the end so you know. Take advantage of bowling green pittsburgh tennessee tech. You know some of these teams. That should be easier. Now you mentioned pittsburgh can be pretty good and you know they're celebrating the johnny majors thing there so you know there might be extra emotion sarah from pitt. But you've got to take advantage of these teams that you think tennessee's got a chance to be that you can't let anything happen a couple years ago when georgia state comes back You can't let anything like that happened. So take advantage of these. You know these first couple of teams because as you mentioned. It's going to get real tough to win games for tennessee there at the end. So you know record. The winds while talking to josh lanes is sports editor of the ut daily bacon. Josh let's just talk about the the attitude. The mood on campus. Were about to see football in just under under two weeks now. The first game on thursday night last year was it was a mess..

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