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Up beaten and shot to death. The three victims, identified as 23 year old Damien Tillman, 30 year old Kevin Springfield in 27 year old Brandon Rollins. Now Rollins was able to make a desperate call for help to his father. His dad made it to the lake, where his son was barely alive but still able to talk. Detectives are not releasing exactly what he said at this time. The sheriff does believe that there's more than one killer here, but right now it is too early to say if in fact these men Knew their killers. No one has been arrested yet the sheriff's department wasting no time in offering a $5000 reward, so they are still seeking information in solving this crime bosses. Aisha Hosni reports no arrests so far. July's Fox News. National polls show President Trump is still trailing presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden by a points. The former VP had a 12 point lead in Fox's June poll. Corona virus is the number one issue for voters heading into November's election. Responding to Internet complaints, the trader Joe's grocery chain says it's changing the names of some of its products. The products labeled Trader Ming's trader, Jose and Trader Joe referred to Chinese, Mexican or Italian food. Critics say those labels perpetuate harmful stereotypes. Trader Joe said in a statement that while the product naming may have been rooted in a light hearted attempt at inclusiveness, it may now have the opposite effect. And it should completely re labelling, which started years ago. Very soon. That's Fox's Richard Jordan. And golf legend Jack Nichols says he and his wife, Barbara, tested positive for the Corona.

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