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Clear skies at 77 in Plano, 76 in Dallas and 76 in Arlington. The Dallas Police Department is defending the D W I arrest of Angela West, who is, of course, the wife of Lieutenant Colonel Allen West, who was running for governor of Texas. Allen West said on social media that his wife was stopped for failure to signal but police chief Eddie Garcia said it was more than just that. She also observed the Mercedes enter onto the shoulder and traveling between the shoulder and the right lane. Straddling the right shoulder. Mercedes continue to travel westbound on West Northwest Highway while getting further and further onto the shoulder. She apparently failed a roadside sobriety test. They gave her a blood alcohol test. They took her took some blood and they're waiting for test results there. Uh, Angela West is out of jail on bond. We'll tell you more about that arrest procedure and how it went in Cliff notes coming up in just a few minutes. The Texas House Committee advanced the contentious election reform bill. The Democrats Have said would make it harder for Texans to vote. The committee replace. The Senate passed the bill with the House version, which includes the same proposals that trigger the Democrats nearly two month absence from the capital to start of the first special session. Republican state. Rep. Andrew Murray, who authored the legislation, told the committee that he could quote foresee at least some changes when it reaches the House floor, according to the Texas Tribune. No word on what those changes could be. Kim Lampkin is K L I F News, a local nonprofit group is reaching out to Afghan refugees who are arriving in Dallas. The group DFW Afghan unity is standing by to help evacuees. We were informed that there are some already arrived to DFW area and we're trying to find out the exact location and how we can help them far had naive is the president of the group and says one of its members has gone to El Paso degreed evacuees as they land Once in Dallas, volunteers will help with medical needs or schooling. It's not clear exactly how many evacuees are headed for DFW. Clayton Nevel, Calif. NEWS NASAL High school student and his dad were killed over the weekend when they're small plane crashed in North Texas. FAA officials say the single engine seven A C crashed just before nine a.m. Saturday near Hazel. The Tarrant County Medical Examiner's office identified the eviction victims is 18 year old Jack Schwantz and 55 Year old Charles Schwantz, who was piloting the plane at the time and investigation into the crash continues. Nine minutes after seven o'clock. Let's check the business page right now. The business update this morning as always from network radio. Spencer McGowan. Good Morning, Spencer. Well, Good morning, David. You know, today's big story.

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