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Your favorite decade when it comes to your vision Andrew. She's big she's a big character first of all. She's not from Luxembourg. She was born in Greece. She currently lives in Germany. And this song that we're gonNA play now head versions in Japanese Greek Italian Spanish and English as well but we'll hear the original one in French. It's Vicki Andrews. With a tour I did not know when I woke up this morning. Fernando that Luxembourg has won Eurovision revision five times that basically means that every body in Luxembourg has won the Eurovision Song contest at some point. Well as Viki lenders is not actually from look simmering and this happens quite a lot in eurovision. They kind of hire artists from other countries but Kudos to wikileaks Andrews. I mean she's such an international woman. She decided to go back to Greece for a bit to become a city council or for two years but then it didn't really work out because she said it's impossible to have a political and music career at the same time. I'm alleged. Did you say she decided to go back to Greece for a bit or for a bet for a bit? Maybe she did a better go back. And we don't know I. I thought you I thought you would just monstrously insulted our Greek listeners. They're moving along to number four. This is the United Kingdom and obviously we would have to go back away here because nobody votes for the United Kingdom anymore partly because their entries are always terrible Mostly because everybody hates Britain now well in a way but they won five times last. Victory was back in nine hundred ninety seven. Andrew my honest opinion the UK always lose because they keep sending very dough entries recently even with Brexit. If if if the UK decides to take it seriously. I think he could win again. But I chose a win from nine hundred. Eighty one It's very fun. It's very lighthearted. They have an amazing choreography. By the way it's bucks fees making your mind up. Thank God would at this point. Fernando like to suggest to you any of our listeners. Who are looking for something to watch while lockdown that if they can find the astounding documentary that was made a few years back about the attempt by former dollar singer. David Van Dyke to mt a hostile takeover of bucks fizz. It's just the most astonishing television. You have honestly never seen such an amount of concentrated evil energy magnified in so few toil and trivial because it's an amazing piece of journalism. I'm serious about this. That's a fantastic recommendation and dollar is also very good dollar bucks fees. It can get better than that. Well you'd actually can because again is one of my favorites. It's The Netherlands. I mean they won five times again. And the reason why put them so high? They won last year. So there's a little bit of a resurgence for the Netherlands. When it comes to your vision but I chose one act from one thousand nine hundred seventy five and I have to say Andrew as a foreigner. When I was a kid listening to songs in English I love songs. Don't make sense. I love songs. Their codes Lala Boom Bang Bang and revisions quite big on that. So let's hear. Song is by teach in with Ding Dong data. Everyone is funny when guessing so what I look for in a pop song. Fernando is a massively overwrought and frankly not terribly well-thought-through and military metaphor and yes. This is my way of queuing up. What'S COMING UP NEXT. Because this is six time winners. Sweden and I think alert listeners will have guest which track you have chosen by now. Well absolutely first of all you know Sweden. They are one of the biggest countries when it comes to your vision and I think they might be our number one very soon because our number one country is not doing very well at the moment. Let's victory was two thousand fifteen for Sweden. But course I chose the nineteen seventy four winner. I have to say I had tears in my eyes looking at this video again. It's just. It's just frigging fabulous. I think one of the biggest bands of all time. Shall we have a listen after this amazing? It's to that off see I've never. I've never been a massive fan of ability will acknowledge a good rhythm piano part when I hear that brings us finally to Fernando to the most prolific Eurovision winners of all and this is despite the fact that suspicions persist in that country that Ireland has won this thing seven times despite trying very hard on a few of those occasions not too well at some point they had to send a bad act because they were tired of winning and it was very costly for them as well. Actually that's actually a true story in the ninety s in the one three times in a row it was a bit too much. They were going to be bankrupt by Dan. They want less time in ninety six and in fact Andrews little tribute to you are chosen. Act He was born in. Franks knows who I mean. Of course Johnny Logan and it was the only person that one eurovision twice and he wrote the winning song for ninety two as well so I mean he is Mr Eurovision. Let's have a listen. Johnny Logan what's another year to someone who's law the to someone who's getting used to be long dry salons Johnny Logan. They're winning the Eurovision Song contest for failure in nineteen eighty Fernando in fifteen seconds. Or less. How will you be spending revision evening on Saturday? Well I'll be drinking and OBI doing my own voting counting as well. Because I believe the revision should be a competitive event. I'll give you my points on Saturday. Please do Fernando Augusta Code. Thank you as always for joining us. That's Monaco's erosion desk chief Fernando Augusta Pacheco and that he's all for this edition of the briefing. It was produced by Reese. James. Marcus hippy. And you'll go founder search with Charlie Film Court s George Studio Manage. It was nowhere. He'll the briefing returns at the same time tomorrow midday London. I'm Andrew Moolah. Goodbye thank you very much for listening the..

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