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Sarah, mccamman, NPR news. Tomorrow on morning edition star basketball player, Christy. Tolliver led the Washington mystics to the WNBA finals last year. Then she was offered. What seemed like a great opportunity to coach for the Washington? Wizards one catch though for new salary, which just ten thousand dollars a year. Find out why on morning edition tomorrow. Oscar, smart speaker, play NPR or your station by name. You're listening to all things considered from NPR news. Twenty one Republican women will be in congress this coming session twenty one out of five hundred thirty five members that is a drop even though the total number of women lawmakers will hit an all time high as NPR's Daniel, Kurtz, Laban reports some in the GOP are sounding the alarm, Ashley Nikoloz is a busy woman. She's working towards her masters degree. She's a mother of four and when I caught her she was on the road for one of her other roles. I'm a military pilot, and we have to do our simulator recurrent thing twice a year. So I'm here now and in Saint Louis. Yes, ma'am on top of all that. She also ran for congress in Tennessee last year, but lost in the primary. She knows any number of factors played into that. For example. She was deployed for part of the campaign, but she thinks the GOP needs to do more to get women like her elected with only what thirteen seats now in the health of representatives as Republican women that is not at all. Indicative of who the Republican party is Nikoloz is one of many frustrated with the Republican party's track record with electing. Women. Retiring Florida, Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen is another as she recently told NPR it is unbelievable. It is founding. It is eye-popping, and I hope that our Republican leaders see this as a challenge and a problem that we need to fix to be clear women are underrepresented on both sides of the island congress just under one in four members will be women next session, but less than one in ten Republican members will be women. One reason Republican women are poorly represented at the national level is that they're also scarce in state legislatures. That's a traditional training ground for congress and at both levels. They're numbers will decline this year. Here's w waas director of Rutgers University center for American women and politics, it's significant that of the one new Republican woman who was elected in the cycle. She came out of the state legislature. Cheryl Miller both parties also have different ideas about how important diversity is one. In three Republicans believe there are too few women in political office in comparison eight and ten Democrats think so according to the Pew Research Center, and then there's money here's Walsh, again, women just are usually running for office from less money professions. Less money networks that brings us back to nNcholas. She says her lack of connections hurt her fundraising because the other gentleman had a lot of political influence already are heard the word retribution continuously. I had a lot of people are like I'll give you one hundred seventy five dollars. But these are people who are able to give south and so they didn't want their name coming up on a report. So that my competitor's could seem to boost their women candidates. Democrats have a campaign money juggernaut in Emily's list. The equivalent groups on the right have much. Less money achieve critic of the party's approach to electing women is New York Representative least to phonic she spoke about her frustration at a December political event. I am tired of having this issue within our conference. So I think it's time to roll up our sleeves and try to change the types of candidates. We have Stefanik recently stepped down from recruitment at the national Republican congressional committee to build up her own group to support women in GOP primaries. And when chair Tom Amherst seemed to call that a mistake. She swiped back. I said new slash. I didn't ask for permission. And I will not ask. Emmer later clarified that he thinks it would be a mistake for the party to get involved in primaries. But for her part, Nick Lowe's, the pilot from Tennessee believes the party should do more for women in primary elections.

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