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Highway ninety nine off ramp add south Atlantic and northbound on ramp at Royal Brome in the stadium district will close and you'll also notice new temporary bus only lanes on the west Seattle bridge Aurora avenue cherry street and from Spokane street on fourth avenue, south mayor Jenny durken says the ideas to keep those buses moving the bustling doesn't stop were the off ramp is now the bustling will continue so buses have priority. Oh, there's also a chance some of those bus lanes could become permanent. Komo News Radio will be here for you. Every ten minutes on the fours and more when necessary throughout the highway ninety nine closure. Komo news time three thirty four. Marina Rockinger with our KOMO AAA traffic. I can tell you tonight. It's going to be wraparound the space needle it's hard to get in and out of this area firework show, it can definitely take a few hours to leave the downtown Seattle area right now, though, we are looking good. We. You don't have any major problems on the major highways and freeways, but we do have some issues we need to tell you about because we have a road closure at northeast woodinville Duvall road at one seventy-second, this is because of a multi vehicle accident involving a semi according to one of our listeners who said a semi is in the ditch. And this is just outside of Duval. It's west of Duval, so crews are on the scene. They don't know how long it will take to reopen that roadway. The other problem is north of lake Stevens eighty four th street northeast and one hundred Fifth Avenue northeast. There was a head on collision there so crews have the road closed, and they want you to avoid that area if possible, and they again don't know how long it will take to reopen. We have some slowdowns southbound I five right around the ship canal bridge. This look at traffic is brought to you by party city. Make this New Year's Eve unforgettable get to party city now for all the fun you'll need including balloons from just to ninety nine party city. Oh, it's on your next. Komo traffic at three forty four.

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