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That's forcing Alaska air to the refund or re book flights for thousands of passengers many will lead to drive an hour to seatac international. Alaska Airlines hoping shutdown will end by March. They can bring that business to Paine field Washington. Emigrant advocates say they are suing the US government for allegedly detaining immigrant children too long and improperly refusing to release them to relatives. Lawyer said today, they expanded a lawsuit filed last year in federal court in Alexandria to propose, including the cases more than ten thousand. Children attorney Simon Sandovol Martian Burg says the department of health and human services has been slow to release a migrant children to sponsors inside the US three men have been arrested on terror charges in Michigan ABC's. Brian Clark explains. Federal prosecutors said they arrest. Man at Gerald r Ford airport in Grand Rapids after he checked in for the first leg of a journey to Somalia where he allegedly planned to join ISIS. Two others were arrested soon after a thirty say without incident all three charged with conspiring to provide material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization, the three naturalized US citizens each boarding Kenya. Face up to twenty years in prison. If convicted a colonial heights man is dead and two other people are injured one critically following a four vehicle pile up today at whole street and chip in hand police say fifty four year old William Shoko was driving a Honda westbound on hall and turning left onto Chippenham when he was broadsided by Jaguar heading east on hall the impact caused the Jaguars flip onto its side. And hit a Subaru while the Honda hit a Jeep Cherokee. Rescuers had to take the roof off the Jeep together. Get that driver out. The driver of the Jaguar was also injured checking your money that Al closed down three hundred two points at twenty four thousand four hundred.

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