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This is Colorado's news, traffic and weather station. KOA newsradio. Eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM iheartradio station. Newsradio time is six o'clock. Good evening. I'm Karen Trinidad our top story. The president says he has the right to use emergency powers to build a border wall. Details coming up first. We get traffic and weather together. We check in again with John Morrissey. How's it going John Jared northbound I twenty five drive is suffering from four different accidents. Northbound I twenty five pair of the tech center at dry creek. Another one at two to five has got you slow from county line all the way up past two to five breaks loose a little bit bogs down again approaching Santa Fe. There's a crash northbound I twenty five near Alameda. There was one downing that's been cleared. Your southbound drive is still pretty heavy through downtown and down the hammer before you get any kind of relief at all Parker road is still pretty jammed up CNN for seventy look good. I don't see any problems on the west side of town. Although eastbound I seventy still heavy coming around past highway fifty eight ward road Kipling and that drive on. I seventy six is heavy from Wadsworth up past federal on the eastbound side to seventies load up in both directions, and your I seventy drive east of downtown very heavy between. Twenty five and five. This report is sponsored by American financing refinancing use your equity to consolidate your eye interest debt into one low payment, you could be saving five hundred to one thousand dollars American financing 303-695-7000 or American financing dot net animal is number one eight two three three four regulated by the division of real estate. Next update. Six fifteen KOA.

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