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Messing with the the offense or seeing you know seeing a matchup they prefer different player to to take on it. So i i still think arthur me will be your number one backup safety but i think he will also be like your dime back. So i'm gonna. I'm gonna go with him primarily there and then behind him just a really is another like backup safety. Truly just a safety kind of kind of player on this defense. They just kinda. Don't go for that right now. Yeah no. I totally see that as well. Now i'll put you on the spot much like how. I put our guests on this bottled earlier. Who would you say the best dealers defensive back his who was not named making fitspatrick for twenty twenty one twenty two joe haden still. Yeah joe haden until he proves it's joe haden. Although i wanna i wanna i wanna jump in here i stats guy too. So i'm big on like recognizing small sample sizes james. Pierre didn't play that many snaps. But if you were to just take every single snap. He played at cornerback. And you were to compare it to to the other steeler cornerback. We've had man. You can make an argument. His his film looks better than joe. Haden like you could. You could make the argument. James pierre looks just on film and that very small sample size like the best cornerback. We've had since taylor. that's just. His film was incredible. He he's playing at a very high level. he just doesn't have great physical attributes. So so with a caveat there that if james pierre is what he showed last you know if he can turn that into a full season of play. I will change it to james pierre. I just don't. I don't think that's realistic to expect that. But at the same time. That's what he put on film right. That's put on film. That's what he bought on film. That's what he did on the field so there's a chance change. Pierre could just be like pushing. Joe haden out the door after the season if he if he's that that good agai- that's that yeah. That is really interesting. Especially the way you put it at the end there and i would agree that joe hayden is probably the next best defensive back after minkah fitzpatrick but of course is a contract year. Four joe haden And of course it's a decentriq centric show tonight. Do you think joins coming by. And before you answer. i'll. I'll throw my answer out there. I because i i think his of is vocalness e in that in that locker room and how he's a leader and how he's respected by literally everyone in the nfl. Anyone that's ever talked to joe. Haden play in the nfl. They'll rave about him. How he just the man. I feel like that affects things where you're gonna wanna want to bring them back really vocal leaders outside of cam heyward for that defense. There's not a whole lot allow guys. Tj walk from my understanding. He only talks. He only talked to bud dupree and his brother was his kind of circle on the steelers but when it comes to vocal leaders of course you've got cam heyward but then joe haden such a fixture. Do you think he gets reassigned. Even if james pierce might take step ahead of him is he someone that you have to bring back if he can still go. That's a good one I can't. I can't see joe. Haden moving into a reserve role like he. That guy has made money right like like he has like you. Listen how's the steelers. When the steelers. Talk to each other like joe. Hayden's the rich guy who he is but if you look at it has been corner of all time. Yeah yes thank you. You get in there he got. He's still got the good rookie deal end right before the slotting. And he got that big contract with cleveland. They paid a ton of money. I don't think he's the kind of guy who's going to be like okay. I'll take a small deal and be a backup because he just be like you know what i'm why would i. Why would i do that because he also has. He has a lot of pride like any like really good defensive back you have to be that kind of guy who carries a chip. Who's a lot of pride. And you know he's gonna he's gonna make sure he gets respected that kind of that kind of a person I don't see him taking a reduced role. Like i think he's that guy that if he can't play outside anymore than he's done he's walking away from the game so i'm leaning towards no but i don't. There's also the problem that joe haines fantastic shape shape. He'll using his workout videos with that like footwork guru guy that he goes to that allow the players. Cameron sutton has videos with him now. To heat the stuff he can still do that. Level of training. He has If he still playing like he did last year you you have to bring him back. He's just that good and he is like you said he's that leader. He is that guy. Everyone looks up to everyone respects. He he is something else man. I i love joe haden and i. Yeah so i'm gonna go uncle with. Yeah i'm gonna go with. He comes back a good amount of money. And he's back i. I really hope so when it comes to respected players across the nfl number one. If if you were to poll players who's the one guy you wanna see when a championship before they retire. I think number one is gonna be. Larry fitzgerald period. I'm not sure if there's anyone that's ever been more respected than fits but number two benches joe haden. He is beloved in. nfl circles. And really. I hope i hope and pray get. He gets one before he hangs. It hangs up. And i really hope that's in pittsburgh of course but before we move onto the db's i pose you. This is joe haden hall of famer right now as we sit here. Is you wait a or i was just thinking about that because you were saying about joe haden. He's we wanted to win a super bowl and we love it to be in pittsburgh. I think joe hayden is.

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