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Can be a hundred two hundred three dollars more if you're travelling overseas and it's gift cards with great companies like amazon target nordstrom fifty of the best brands you'll get your give car within seventy two hours after booking your trip it's a win all round you get a gift card your company saves and you get great business travel plus twenty four seven concierge level customer service you have calm email um chat with him reach out of social before during and after every single trip here to save hundreds your business is gonna save hundreds you get a gift card it is oh it is a great idea the best way to book business travel upside dot com get a 100dollar minimum gift card on your first trip by using the promo code twig that's minimum you'll get at least one hundred dollars of use the promo code twig on your first travel that's upside dot com promo code twig save big on travel and get a big gift card every trip minimum purchase required see safe for complete details upside dot com all right stacy what the heck are you talking about sound nedelec ceo read hastings at the code conference said they basically net neutrality he's not that he's not big on at this time around blerta's it's over his big enough well he says quote it's not narrowly important to us because were big enough to get the deals we will watch crying spoke so recently directly from the bank so how women right along then girls there.

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