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Happy Thursday. Another purty day in the state capital funding die again when dying turns me it's idiot degrees right now, High today around 90. Doesn't mean it couldn't happen. Nice day, though. Very light wind, beautiful blue skies. 88 degrees high today around 90 tomorrow, 92. There is a chance of rain Slight chance of rain tomorrow and Saturday. Less on Sunday every day, though, right around low nineties pretty much same forecast. Possibility reigned 90 degrees low sixties overnight for about the next week. My trouble right now, though. 88 degrees here in the state capital. I can't swear there ain't no heaven but busy show today in about 15 minutes. We're going to talk to Julie Ann Overton from Santa Fe. Now, No forest a lot going on with the national forest right now. 1 30. Today we'll talk to Kevin Bowen, but from the human Rights alliance about the beginning this weekend of pride events here in Santa fact. Kick off this weekend. Two o'clock today, Cindy Cooke. We'll talk about Make music Santa FE, Cindy Cooke from candy, Man strings.

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