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God friday jason alexis in the morning talked with seven want everything entertainments everything chocolate milk shakes on jas would looks ryan filling in for the dawn mclane thanks for being here who buddy we have a funsho ahead with some more a tv t r l coming up for you who we're going to be let you listen to some birthday pranks that you may have missed as we do now on fridays a nude is it a new living levied on how rahanweyn yes deaths of houses will not antique anther schatz moment on the trilogy the series continues yet the sears it's like the godfather at garage sale godfathers really what it is about continuing hot topics right now we're talking about where to sucking by joe and meagre again we try on purpose 'cause y'all don't come to us for meet the press we stay away from politics but when it seeps into pop culture we bring it to you and we move on and but there's enough other story about msnbc that's pop into you late yesterday greta van susteren tweeted out she's like i'm outed msnbc and looks that was literally as let let those it an out and and she's and that's how it happened allegedly the story goes you know a greta was working on her show sitting at her desk and she was called the new a meeting and let go and they had a fillon ready in the fillon went on she she had the show the time slot before chris matthews adheres not to get into too much of the business aspect of it she's been on the air for six months just over you know maybe about one hundred episode you're so and the ratings non only didn't tick up they were rather disastrous on.

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