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My one of my oldest friends. Dave Messmer is also here tonight. Oh is he the singing your face? What's the singing in your face? Yes. Oh shit. Dave messmer. This was eighteenth street hill cats party that we my Davis can Dari was there. Dave messmer. We're all shelters. We all their Alicia, my friend, gazelles and just all around. I'm just going to name me people every single one in the. But we were all quite high on what we called marijuana and somebody put on that fucking delight CD, and it turned out the Dave new every single word to grooves in the heart and every other song on the album. Dave you, and I later tonight we're going to have to sing off. You're going to party. We're just gonna sing any faces at. Here's the thing. Singing and people's faces is is okay. When your high in someone's lip synching in your face. So I could hear his kind of like high lips sticking together like in the hung out and shit. And I kept going, please. I was really pleased eight so please, I'm begging angry face, please. I can't my face. Can't get any paler. I hate this. Here's why love him. And here's why he's one of my best friends the world. He would not stop. He wouldn't he wouldn't he wanted to have his own good time. Okay. The nets dad is a super strict bastard, and so she barely graduates from high school, and he's like you have to go to ilk, El Camino college, and she's like, okay. And then, of course, sucks at El Camino college because if you can't cut it in high school, there's no way let me tell you from firsthand experience. Right. Don't get easier. And those grades when you when you get more independence, and you're around beer and drugs more you don't get better at split..

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