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Tremendous yeah my protein needs on that equation of you know point three two comes out to about between sixty and seventy grams a day it's just it's not that hard like i some almond butter i you know rice and beans i eat lentils and keen wa and things like that it's just eating those foods like i've done the math and it seems it almost takes care of itself like if i'm just eating clean plant based foods close to their natural state so it's not about going out on my way to make sure i'm eating you know tons of garbanzo beans or anything no no no i mean i do that if i saw my diet is planned base five days a week is no problem but i do bay attention i know that a certain amount of sorts of vegetable contains so much and so once you get used to check anything so it's very straightforward i'm just saying that i suspect when the compare say vegans against the numb vegans and they show the vegan doing better in those studies i suspect that's because so many people in the vegan group our nearest and that's why you see these are wise i think the vegans should've been doing much much better than the non vegans if it wasn't for management so if you can turn the vegans into wellnourished vegan then i think we'll see the superiority that we already see in the blue zones and in la melinda etc yeah i think that's a student i mean i think my fear and i think it's a very real fear is that as we continue to produce all of these processed versions of meat and dairy products that are tasting better and better and better the people that are entering into becoming vegan can easily just be eating all sorts of refined grains all the time and cookies and snacks and things like that and they're you know they're like hey i'm vegan it's healthy when in fact it perhaps might even be worse than whatever they were doing before yes absolutely so i think this is why i talk about once you figure out what.

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