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Burn two hundred seventy two thousand acres see inventor and santa barbara counties also more than a thousand buildings mostly in ventura county in most of them homes fire officials say that kind of damages surprising since ventura county is known for its strict enforcement of fire protection rules things like defensible space around homes but are those rules really protecting homes here's kpcc's emily garin i learned about ventura county tough reputation for fire protection on the second day of the thomas fire december v i was that the incident command center looking at a map with firefighter steve kauffman everything that i'm pointing out right now this map was on fire at the same time kaufman has been fighting wildfires in ventura county for twenty years and he is never seen one grows so big so fast but what really shocked him was that there was already within the first twelve hours over a hundred in fifty homes destroyed we don't know lucy major structure devastation on our while on fires it's true over the past 15 years ventura county has seen its share of fires but only one that burned more than eighteen homes according to data from cal fire it was during the epic see me fire of two thousand three la riverside san diego and san bernardino counties have all had multiple fires that were more destructive during that period bob roper is the former fire chief of a county as numerous fire chief chmerkovskiy country called me and asked me about her program under california law you have to maintain a hundred feet of clearing around your house if you live in a high fire risk area but counties have a lot of discretion on how to enforce the law and ventura county if you don't clear your rush officials will find new 18 hundred dollars plus they'll do.

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