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I'd say who delivers an Oscar of the performance Hugh Grant, he's amazing. He's awesome. It's a start. Yeah. I think it's a lot of fun. And even though it didn't do super Walt the box office. I'm trying to give it its due by putting it at number nine on my list. So Paddington to is my number nine film of two thousand eighteen let's move onto number eight Jeff Kenna with your number eight film of the year. My number eight is blind spotting. I was totally surprised by this movie. It is a celebration again of language. I'm a big fan of movies that use language. It uses rap as this a movie that uses wrapping its climax as a way of attacking someone with a gun instead of a gun, you know, attacking someone instead of a gun by using sweet sick, raps shouldn't work on paper that should not work, and this movie makes it work. It made me feel for these characters. It gave me an insight into experiences that aren't my own. I I loved it. I thought it was a phenomenal film. And I hope more people go see lion spotting. That's blind spotting Jeff's number eight choice. Yeah. Blind spotting is a remarkable film that I would recommend to anyone. There's nothing else. Like it right on any of our list. I would argue that is so searing. But also so interesting in its form as well. Right. Because of an funny and funny the use of rap as you're saying is really shapes us movie in daring ways. And I think it's one of the most interesting movies of year. Didn't quite make my top ten, but I'm a big fan of it and salute you putting it as your number eight.

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