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The that took the standard physics twin slid experiment and then but he completely automated so that it could be running by itself gambling. Statistics used a light emit light detector in the back. Okay and he. He used it where he used a single single electron case. I think is is where only one electron was going through. So it wasn't any kind of group dynamics one electron going through both slits right. And then he collected the data without anybody paying attention to it and then he paid ask collected more data during the experiment when people were saying. Put your attention on this and try to affect the result and it showed that consciousness and intention can directly impact quantum mechanics even though it shield from the entire world and that is nobel prize level. Work okay. People have gotten nobel prizes for a lot less. Okay right and so the point is he every science should have been saying. Wow this changes everything. In the end it was kind of ignored. You know and so my hat's off to dean for thinking of experiment and then getting the funding and getting the work to get it done and then putting an online so people could interact with it remotely so he. He did all of that over many years and published the results so he deserves all the credit doing all of that and now that we have that as a model i got two more experiments that we can do that are similar to that. That shows fundamentally consciousness and quantum mechanics are fundamentally tied together. Here's the here you wanna hear. What one of those are okay. Take the entangled experiment entanglement experiment that would test to see if two things were entanglement. Anytime you have. Statistics then are not that are abnormal. It's means some kind of physics is going on right and entanglement shows that if you have something that's tangled it's correlated on the other sides so they're either both the same or both opposite depending on how it's prepared.

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