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As a gift but the holidays or whenever another reason you don't give a pet is a gift because of the pet is like it's the start of a relationship and as such you know you the person the pet should be right for each other yeah i my door fluffy was the perfect size hypoallergenic a multi sean half multis have bijur and it's easier for the kids akiba mother controlling of someone gave them a giant german shepherd outlook on we got loved the dog but there's no way those kids taken a dugout if you really do what he gets so would have bet hail maybe you get the mic a paid gift card then they go to the shelter the pets door may be with you pick the perfect pet for them if they don't want it you get a refund then you get them something else men along one they'd be better off for both of you for one eight hundred two eight three one a one point five how do you feel about given animals out as gifts for the holidays given pets out and the have you ever done it if you work in a pet store if you work for an animal shelter if you work at a rescue what are your thoughts i love to hear your thoughts on it he has this time of year when like business picks up and when people come you know when people come to the rescue this time of year looking to give the pets as gifts looking appeal to to rescue animals as gifts what are you tell a you on board with it pretty she added now that it's not a good idea unless you really know the person and their need or vase expressed desire that they want a dog or cat.

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