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Hello. This is the global news podcast from the BBC World Service with reports and analysis from across the world, the latest news, seven days a week BBC World Service podcasts are supported by advertising. This is the global news podcast from the BBC World Service. Hello? I'm Ben bland. Then the early hours of Tuesday, the thirty first of July. These are main stories. President Trump says he's prepared to hold unconditional talks with Iran, that's despite his withdrawal from the international deal on its nuclear program votes are being counted in Zimbabwe's first presidential and parliamentary elections since Robert Mugabe was ousted. Accord in Britain has jailed couple who threatened to kill their daughter unless she agreed to a forced marriage in Bangladesh. Also in this podcast, using healthy stem cells, scientists, hope they'll be able to recreate the SOS that create dopamine Japanese scientists to begin the first human trials using stem cells to treat Parkinson's disease. No US president has met with an Iranian leader since the United States cut diplomatic relations with Tehran a year after the nineteen Seventy-nine revolution that toppled the Shah but two things now changing during a press conference at the White House in Washington. Mr. Trump was asked if he was willing to meet the Iranian president Hassan Ruhani. This is his answer. I would certainly meet with Iran if they wanted to meet. I don't know that they're ready yet to have a hard time right now, but I ended the Iran deal. It was ridiculous deal. I do believe that they will probably end up wanting to meet and I'm ready to meet anytime they want to relations between the United States and Iran have worsened since may when Mr. Trump pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal correspondent in Washington is Gary O'Donoghue. Barry mind. This was a question thrown at the president during press conference with the Italian prime minister. And as often happens, the president free wheels a little at. Sale on subjects like this. However, having said all there, of course, we do know that he's view of his own ability is that he can sit down with anyone meets anyone demonstrated by the meeting with North Korean leader, and indeed props ready move Putin as well in Helsinki and that off those meetings are sort of presaged in a way by a kind of spurt of of rhetoric of of angry rhetoric. Sunday happened in the case of North Korea, and we've had that in the case of Iran's very angry words between the president and the Iranian leadership in the last ten days. And now here we have the offer of an unconditional meeting. It is a potentially unsettling thing for traditional US allies in the region to hear. I mean, what will Israel and Saudi Arabia make of of these comments will they will be unsettled by it because they won't know what might happen. They won't know what the president minds promise or what kind of deal could be done. We're getting way ahead of ourselves. Of course, this, there's no real prospect for this. Meeting on the horizon towards the moment. Barry, mine America's about to impose new sanctions on Iran in just over a week's time. Following its decision to pull out of the the nuclear agreement that decision is already having a damaging effect on Iran's currency in particular. It's Konami to more generally. The Iranians won't be all that well disposed to the idea of meeting and the president of the moment. And of course he's got some serious splits with his allies went on this one Europeans particularly involved in doing that deal a, not happy with the way America's handling the whole question. So there's a lot of things that could get in a way of immediate life. That's not least the problems in the region itself, particularly things like Iran's involvement in Syria and elsewhere where Israel is very unhappy about that. Won't like the idea of the president sitting down with them at all. Gary O'Donoghue in Washington votes are being counted in Zimbabwe's presidential and parliamentary elections. The opposition is hoping to end nearly forty years of rule by this on new PF party. Turn out was high with long queues at some polling stations. These otas explained what they were hoping for people to go to school. Most schools, more clinics, more jobs for everyone. I'm very hopeful for news and Bob way, I'm very happy that's able to make a change. My decision is being considered for its involved way, so I'm happy and hopeful. The chief European Union observer Elma Brock said it had been a peaceful day which might prove to be the first day of democracy for Zimbabwe. He said that the election appeared to have been relatively free of violence if not seen any violent immeditate not in the countryside, not in the time of a campaign..

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