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No, This is pretty much my commute to school and back. I'm not doing much off roading these days, so this is the same problem as the other tire, right? In the spare, which is not a Pirelli scorpion. Exactly. Despair was the best of the You know, got awful ball tires. The original four. So I didn't worry too much about that one. But they didn't see any similar markings on on the non Perelli tire. Um To be honest, I don't remember that part. I was kind of indignant. Um, but that could have blown for a different reason. It could happen. Yeah. Will you accept that where I would accept that. Two weeks later, the third tire went down also in the back. Also one of these tires that was a replacement for one of the tires that have gone down before, so it was only about a week and a half, two weeks old. Here's Here's the clues that I have is to this. The tire people think I'm crazy. They they think I just want were exciting with them to have done that same philosophy myself, But it's uh, In any case, it's always been in the back. And all the tires except this despair because I never got that one checked out. Have these, uh, these circular abrasions. It looks like somebody took a you know, like a drill with the buffer on it and kind of went around the tire. Are they circular or they the circle? Not complete The circle is not complete. Sure. What a question. Yeah. Great question, huh? Only you had a reason for asking it, Uh, It was one of the things I should. I should probably mention which I didn't want to. And that's that These tires are slightly wider love slightly larger than the ones that really belong on the truck, right? Not not hugely larger, but It doesn't take much now. Yeah, Somehow these tires the the inner wall of these tires is coming in contact with something. I don't know what that is either the inner fender the springs. It's and it's a It's a Maybe a dynamic situation where it happens when you're corner when the thing is loaded with with cargo or people, you hit a bump. Or some such thing is causing something If you look, you will carefully you will see something if you take the tire off that the tire is hitting. It's the tires. Improper size that is causing the problem. I'm surprised that the tired guys, right, that's notice this. Well, I'll tell you why. Because they sold you these tires because they didn't have the right size. And they said, Because they do this all the time you're going to say Look, I want the 14 P 2 35, So we don't have those. We got p 289.5, but they'll fit And and it turns out that they often do, but sometimes they don't and if there's not much clearance allowed in the original design Then it's possible for the tired to come in contact with part of the suspension, uh or or part of the body, and that's scores away some of the rubber and eventually causes the Tired of fail. Unfortunately, they're going to have to give you for new tires. Well, the ones in the back and the front may be all right if you don't ever rotator, but I think you really want the four properly. So I would like them to be all the same. Yeah, and I did have a long conversation with the tire guys and assured me Oh, no problem We put these on. It's not going to be an issue. Well, interestingly don't thing that bothers me and I hesitated to bring this up. Yeah, I hesitated. And I have a question for you to But go ahead because we're not true with you, Ivan. I didn't think so is the unusual behavior of the spare. Well, let me describe the spare to you. The spare was on its last legs. I mean, I really should have probably about five tires. But the spear did not have this. This Sure he doesn't know. Brazen. Look, No, I really I really I'm hoping not so covered in oil and hefting my entire iron and I just sort of stopped him That could fix it. So I'm not. I'm not sure you must have been teed off by that point. A little bit. Yeah, There are two other things questionable things. What is It's unusual for a tire, which rubs against something to go flat. Uh huh. I mean, when they fix the flat, What did they do? They said they were able to pass you from the inside. They patched the sidewall. They passed the sidewall. You can't do that. I don't know. I don't know either. So I'm confused about that. And the second thing I'm confused about is why my brother asked the question about whether the circle was complete. Sounded so sure. Yeah, Yeah. All right. I thought you had something there. No, because I do have something but to s to Turkey even discuss sure I've been thanks for calling. Good luck to appreciate it. Bye bye. Well, it's happened again. You've wasted another. Perfectly good. Our listening to car talk. Our esteemed producer is Doug the subway fugitive. Not a slave to fashion bungle Boy Berman, our associate producers of David, the Calves of Belleville, Greene and Catherine Frau Blucher. Hello, sir. What Blackie has dug the old Grey Mare Assisted by Connie Britton offered our engineer is John Cartman Perotti. Our theme music is by David Dawg Grisman. And our technical, spiritual and menu advisor. Just back from his Grand slam at the Greater Greensboro, Garlic, Gherkin and Goat cheese. Go vote is John.

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