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And then that same staff is leading the investigation into donald trump wow i don't the wanna michael be alex berry jones show on newsradio but fifteen it almost ten seems w well ac like something w is well rotten ac in the state of denmark gibbs dax on time no no edges to figure speech the agent the and found lowered the instruction concerning because his unit michael had very gathered show incontrovertible is on the air evidence showing a major alqaeda figure had actually directed the benghazi attack and the information had already been briefed to president obama ciller check in so with our if we big toll investigation the president and it was the a president terror attack shall we why are we filing it documents for seems the intelligence to community be losing saying it's momentum not sidetracked remember derailed we have courtesy of wikki off lakes the tracks an email from hillary clinton to peter chelsea strasbourg in almost was realtime reassigned that evening to saying human that the resources consulate had been in attacked the fbi by an alqaedalike after groups it was discovered that he was having an hours affair with after a lawyer the attack within hillary the fbi sends an email to chelsea she hates trump sang he an hates alqaeda trump they've sent group each attacked other over ten thousand in texts the coming days she which are now and being susan handed rice over which some say of those in public tax when this they weren't was a setting terrorist up attack romps this wasn't al qaeda they this was were actually a guy uh over of over trashing in trump and egypt praising hillary and a and a film that he made that and we're same real guy far peter that the strasbourg people died is the one who but this colmey had nothing assigned to interview hillary when there the were truth sure serious is relentless concerns over illegal behaviour with regard to her email uh server tom that way same peter strasbourg is the guy who decided checking not out to the put movies her this under weekend oath here's your box office preview that same proves peter week strasbourg seoul new wide is the releases.

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