Syria, Guang Chou Enterprise, Juma discussed on Operation Freedom


To be legitimate economic activity between Venezuela not just Iran, Syria and Lebanon, but also the French speaking nations in Africa, which often times act as Kind of the collection point for drugs and money. But in that particular Juma case, um they documented in this was made public by a Lebanese general who was quoted about it. That there were actually in Iranian Airlines state owned airlines. I'm talking the size of a 7 37 going from Caracas to Damascus, Syria, moving drugs On behalf of these criminal enterprises that are flourishing within Venezuela and Juma. Um yeah, it was a person who was providing Funding to what's called unit 1800 that coordinates attacks in Israel. So as we look at that case then and then I saw that one in 2010, but then came along a case called in and it makes the world seem so small, but this is one that is focused in China. Called the Guang Chou Enterprise case. Rancho is the capital of Guangdong, which is the province in, um southern China, right near Hong Kong, Um and Macao, and that is a very, very large area for free trade zones. And it's also a very large producer of counterfeit goods and in the blank choke enterprise case. $5 billion where was laundered? Um through that area and monies that was followed. Interestingly, some of the money from the going pro and enterprise case were linked to the former president of the Venezuelan National Assembly, a guy by the name of de Estado ocupado. And his multiple witnesses..

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