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It is thirty one degrees right now fair in the city work one of the forty six today in midtown wins used at six fifteen from the W. a fan support says John echo Kathleen tonight Chicago it is the NBA all star game and as you mentioned the special won the NBA all star game MVP has been permanently name for the like Kobe Bryant Kobe made his NBA all star big debut back in nineteen ninety eight at the age of nineteen played in eighteen all star games overall and one four MVPs now the action from last night it was and be a Saturday night he forward Derrick Jones junior wins a slam dunk buddy Hield the three point shooting competition that Miami is banned by the bio the skills challenge he'll course a member of the Sacramento Kings spring training baseball but the Yankees there's the nine year three hundred twenty four million dollar contract issue the starting pitcher Gerrit Cole two hundred fifty innings for coal Europe goes a member of the Houston Astros at times he was unavailable really recovered if if anything I feel like I have more feel at least for where the ball's going now which I guess that continues to improve with more experience in the morning to throw some is far as any ill effects I I'm not for nine really feel good now Yankee badge Erin believe when you have an ace it's not only the greatness that they obviously provide on that day but it's you know because usually they're guys that are eating up a lot innings and pitching deep in the game so you know it has the trickle down effect of hopefully hopefully making a great mole and even better what Saint Lucie the Mets counting on Jeff McNeil for another big year no matter what position the ends up playing.

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