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And now move the sticks with Daniel, Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks. What's up everybody walking to move the sticks? Dj Bucky back with your buck how you doing Ma'am Madam good, I'm real good because it seems like we have football around the corner. So I'm really excited about it. Yeah, by the way, does it bother you? The people that you almost feel like are rooting against this. Sometimes I mean. I was just like Oh we can't do this, we can't do that. We can't do this do that like I. Don't know, mean I'm looking at some of these other leagues in how they're doing. What the testing and the? Protocols! Protocols and players being responsible, and I've been encouraged what I've seen. Football's different with the contact. Obviously, and we're not completely in a bubble like the NBA, but is much bad news is floating around in the world right now I think in the sports world. I actually feeling more optimistic right now I'm really optimistic about the NFL now. The thing I think is dead different. He'll. He'll I agree with you the NFL when you dealing, we're professionals dealing with guys who were employers, employees and workers in their career very very positive that they're going to take the necessary steps to kind of protect themselves. I'm also positive that the NFL is going to make sure that they protect the players and put them in environments that work, and so we have. Have seen over the last couple of days we saw tweet storms from the players. We saw some of the concessions that the NFL made to try and get this thing started I have always we've always been optimistic that the NFL was going to start and start on time, and I'm very cautiously optimistic that it's going to continue to start and and perceived as we've talked about. And bucky myself or not, doctors but I do think the difference between the NFL and college. I saw report today that talked about the testing price tag juicy that said it was seventy five million dollar price tag on testing NFL working with a company to be able to provide I think up to one hundred twenty tests per day, and then on top of that, if teams WanNa, go over that amount then. Then, they can cover that cost themselves, but you split up to seventy five by the thirty two I. Don't want to say drop in the bucket, but it's very affordable in order to salvage a season. It's a minimal investment when you look at it from that standpoint, but that's the difference between the NFL and college college where you're talking about one of the numbers. I heard was twenty five thousand a week. For them, and that was with one test a week, which I think they were planning on maybe Wednesday. If I remember correctly, that's a whole different ballgame versus being able to daily test like the NFL would have the financial backing to be able to get that accomplished because that seems to me, that's the answer right as the testing and then once you get a positive test to be. Be Able to remove that person to keep the spread to a minimum, and I just don't know that the college is going to be able to have the resources to pull that off now. I don't think they're going to be able to do it, but I think the NFL is uniquely qualified to be able to pull this off at the pull this off in a manner in. In which we talked about like DJ in reading a lot of things out of football this time period has given us an opportunity to what I call. Prune the trees. There's a lot of stuff that we did in the football world. There might have been unnecessary when it came to a. let's bring ninety players to camp..

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