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Yes yes exactly who we're going after we drive to del taco overdue mommy shutdown to restaurants <hes> <hes> yeah. They'll probably just close up shop turnoff. How did they recover. I fully agree that. The impossible seems to be a superior as this shit for that amum line. I was trying to come back to you you in diapers with an adult. She wouldn't staffer that shit. She's already halfway out the door. I'm okay so yeah. I the impossible agree with mitch. Fully the impossible beat is is superior to the beyond meat and the anytime i've had both i always prefer the impossible i think the beyond has a pretty good texture but yeah when you get that meeting 'isolation even with the taco seasoning seasoning it's primarily pea protein apparently and it tastes a little cardboard like it doesn't it gets a little does mommy because it is kind of mushroom e to it's pretty far from meet when you honestly the flavor out of it as good as the texture is in simulating it. The burrito is good. Yeah just like the crunch from those from those from those fries is but which are the britos. Did you guys get we got the beyond kelly breed the one with the prices all my very good this is this obliterated my expectations all right. I thought it was okay but the fries are very helpful. I also got one of my lot for it to be clear. I one of them. I made a meal and i got a diet coke and i got had some of those del taco fries yeah man those del taco fries are can be very crinkle cut fries their outstanding those are vegan to they said right. I think so yeah yeah. I would imagine imagine. If you're getting the burrito vegan sense you're losing the sour cream and the the cheese from the eight layer burrito that probably that kelly burrito would be better in the vegan forum. <hes> and i go to taco bell. I think like two or three times a month probably and get the and i learned about the taco bell oh app on your jackie johnson episode who so highly promoted it that's right and i feel now i get more adventurous with like modifications stuff that i wouldn't feel as confident being like and put fritos fritos on that and like a bunch of different things that are fun and i think that this kelly burrito was significantly better yeah that being said taco bell taco bell being burrito is like kind of an easy no brainer thing where the kelly one is like bigger hager. It looks better. It does look better. It's she. It's kind of cute stephanie. It's like the equivalent of like two and a half being burritos at taco bell and it looks more like something you would get at a restaurant does not look like a fast food burrito at all no so that's more of a thing that if you wanna have like a full meal you would get that hat whereas if you want something kind of like fast and easy like taco bell burrito is probably more what you're shooting for do think and i don't remember exactly what its price was. I should have written it down or taking a photo of their seat but i think it's like seven ninety nine or something right. It's pretty expensive. This is this is the it's all expensive yeah the those four things because you get four similar things with beef in them at del taco. I want to be like twelve to fifteen dollars and this was twenty two dollars which was surprising and i get..

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