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Hurdles and then if chases what you want to do, you're chasing sooner rather than later. So if you do two, three seasons of war hurdles, they tend to jump flat. You know, on horses do get away with it and you do get horses or kids winning top class chases, but it's not. It's not ideal. And I'm also not a fan of switching up what's defense is halfway through a season, depending on how they get on. I think you'd probably come up short in the long walk. I'd like obviously a minute. You know, he's been an absolute fashion horse over the years, but he's just looking a little a little bit low what we've seen in the last year or two. Even taking his issues into consideration. So given his age and given the fact that he doesn't click on demand these days, he's probably got his work cut on, but I'd rather see him on a really good race and finish in the frame and the long walk and stay over hurdles than for him to finish 5th and then go chasing. Not like to see that. I agree with you. This isn't for me. You know, it is entirely up to connections. And I would never be in a situation where I say you must not do this. You pay, you pay the bills, you make the call. But personally, I prefer not to see him go chasing at his age because I don't think it's massively beneficial. I think he'd be I think obviously he'd be able to you could play some to win with the reference as well too much trouble as an office. And then you're not that far away from me to be able to run him in veterans chases. Qualify for veterans chances in January. Yeah. So you want to give them an easier time with things. That's a way of doing it. But the very fact that you can say that sentence, he could run in veterans chases in the spring. And he hasn't seen a fence is maybe a sign that that's probably not the ideal thing to do. Yeah, exactly. And look, it's not a 14 situation Williams raised eyebrows when he said that the punches sound first of all. I could chase them beforehand next year. Yeah. What? But he did and started. He started his career over fences that season. It's a different story. I completely agree with you, if you're going to start over hurdles, particularly run twice over hurdles, and then go, oh, let's go chasing. It's different if you start out over fences and do an about turn bouvier style and go actually maybe we're better off of our hurdles. That's it completely different topic. And it's a different thing because you're learning about the horse and going, you know, might be better to do this. This is a stairs hurdle champion. We're talking about. He's clearly not at that level, but it was interesting to hear both Aidan Coleman directly after the race. Andrew Campbell is an absolute gentleman and an absolute legend. And as you said, it's not for us to tell them what to do. But in terms of betting and backing the horse, this is the conversation that we can have. If Andrew decides, they want to go chasing. That's fine. But he was saying just how well the horse was working in the lead up to the race on Thursday. I was pundit and ruper bell was presenting I was presenting on Friday. He was my pundit with Declan Rick's casting, and we had Rachel king the Australian jockey. Sorry. The English jockey who's based in Australia now has a full blown Australian accent bidding for history when the Melbourne cup and beyond the second woman to do so. Oh, max dynamite. How you should have won. How you should perform the Mel Bronco. But I really don't like the idea of let's go for another hurdle race and then go chasing when he's gonna be ten in the new year. It's just not the way to do it. But Aidan Coleman was saying, look, maybe he'll improve from this race and we'll see what he does in the long walk. And I would love to see him come back, but I think you either stick with what you have or don't I think changing now would be a bit of a dilemma. I saw Ricky getting into it on social media. Given Harry skeleton, the what for? For example, on getting slammed by bulky Lee. And a number of trolls, you know who you are. And a number of others. I have to say that he was very confident about chambal without surname. And he I think at the time, you could get 5 to two, because I think at the time he was 5. And that was Friday. He's ended up going off two to one favorite for the race. And that in itself tells its own story because I would like to deal with will obviously give fusion ruthless full price. But I want to deal with the puzzle that is surname. So he's drifted in the bedding it's not the first time we've seen this, he drifted like a barge when he took on LTR and slammed them. He won this race last year when being vindication horse we've already talked about, but he's now been pulled up, pulled up, had wind surgery, offered 252 days, comes back for this. Pulled up. And while he was very bold and prominent early on, he has folded like a cheap texture. How worried would.

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