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Could fail fast enough. So he for two locks and then got out and now they, bam. Thank you. Get the cardinals professional. You know a mess. They're one in five. So this is a game that if you wanna look at half half Cup failed, you got Josh Rosen and his first primetime game and von Miller Trump chase him down. Royce Freeman. Okay. Who's looked who they look great Bradley Chubb otherwise making impact game. Excellent. Go, that's pretty good. He's been Broncos doing a lot of talking this week. John Elway says, we're fighting for our lives. He pretty much called out the team. Von Miller says, we're gonna go down this feel like we're going gonna kick their ads. Yeah, it does feel like there's something at stake even though I know this is not a high octane game, but it does feel like if you lose to the cardinals, who I think are the worst team in the NFL just according to the facts. Like if you if the Broncos and fix, I'm saying, if you look at the analytics, just the efficiency, they were very lucky to win the one game even that they won. I think they've been on bounce the worst even the NFL if you lose to them in the farm, people go to the farm, sometimes they don't come back. No. Sometimes you stay at the farm with the doggies by the way, building up expectations and pressure in this game. Also, Steve Wilks the first year head coach of the cartels. Here's what he had to say. I would say all jobs in jeopardy, including mine if we don't win Steve, you don't your first year coach. Often you don't need to put that out there because what you're doing is not necessarily making ownership think that way, but you're making the fans think that way because and then you just build more pressure. I thought that was a mistake to talk that way. You got a bad team, Steve, you can get beating this game, and it doesn't mean you should then be fired or that should be even connected to your name. I thought those weird quote, their is fighting heart, and I think they're playing better than the Broncos much more ballyhooed defense right now. That's true. We could see that you could see Chandler Jones and Patrick Peterson and and I have a theory I binds making enough plays in this game, win it on their own, Josh Rosen, very capable. Making a few big throws into into tight windows. We give cardinals a winning. Give Jason's something smile. It's been a bad year, but they lost the bears fourteen sixteen. They lost to the Seahawks seventeen to twenty and they beat the the forty Niners twenty to eighteen a team that nearly took out a bigger contender on Monday night. So I. I don't think that they're awful, but they have just a talents you on offense for sure. Their offense is almost unwatchable. I have a theory on this Broncos defense. They were top five run d last year. They gave up seventy seven yards per game on the ground through three weeks this year. And then case keenum missed a wide-open, throw to Mary's Thomas to win the game. And their defense said, we've got three or four games worth of game here. This case keenum just can't make the throws that he needs to make for us to win. We wanted Kirk cousins. We openly pined for him and we got stuck with a guy who's not good enough to bring us back to the playoffs. And I think that's, I think it was a natural letdown from that jets broke their spirit. What that game love that idea did we bring up John l. called zone defense, soft. Now we have it doesn't the shoe fit the first defense in history to give up a two hundred yard rusher in back to back games, John John divas a soft, the offense is no good. What are you? You made a bad team. Tweezers. We'll be back late tomorrow night. Actually the sizzler and I will be handling the recap of this fine, fine, Thursday night, football game, and then we'll bring line. We'll review all of the week, seven games that lie ahead on Sunday and Monday. So make sure you tune in for that. And that's it. Then has a signing off for quite storm. The mailman the old boss. Rickie Hollywood glass. Wow. What are they. What an ad ry Bill Thursday..

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