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Cal bears football kgo 8 10 I'm taking at the one yard line. The mirrors are gonna try to return here for me. He has got a little room 30. I think he's going to go 40 30. He's got a whole bunch of guys his color uniform, calling him Alan, and he's into the end zone touchdown bears 99 yards. Neko Media. What a way to kick off the second half of the Bears that big return and they go on to win it. 42 to 30. A lot of grip for the bears in this one that does defense. You're not happy giving up 30 points to, uh, an FCS team 467 total yards. Where Sacramento State the Bears rolled up 534. That's the most a bad in the game in a long time since Oregon State I believe some four years ago quickly recapping the stats here. Passing yardage to idiot for Cal 408 for sac State. The bears with 246 yards rushing. You're 59 for the Hornets total plays. Sacramento State had the edge 77 67 yards for play. It was eight for Cal, Uh, 6.1 for Sacramento State until late in the game. The Bears were nearly 10 yards per play. Time of possession. Very even 30 14% 68 29 31 for the Bears. Each team had one turnover. One interception apiece. No sacks in the game. The guys mentioned that specific concern. Chase Garbage finished 22 of 34 208 Yards a pair of touchdowns. The one pick Jake. Don't want it done away. 25 of 43 for Sac State. 370 Yards Pair touchdowns from the one interception. Damian. More 12 carries for 87 yards for the Bears. Garber's for carriers for 68 customer Brooke, six. For 48, the Carlos Books five for 39. That's a quick run over the stats right here from P. J need to use your refrigerator wisely since school is back in full swing. Refrigerator doors are swinging open again and again for late night study snacks and that's a waste of energy. Save some power by remembering to take all of your snacks for.

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