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Stronger communities. By breaking down barriers and bias between law enforcement and the communities and residents that officers protect and serve. We've just seen too much attention to many. By a lint protests and demonstrations across the country that have not solved any problems. We've got to figure out a way for law enforcement and the community at large to come together. So faith and blue Weekend is a weekend across America that focuses not only things that we disagree about, but the things that we have in common so that we can begin to build some bridges between cops and communities. Well, it's a real problem here in Louisville and many cities. As you know, we've lost some 240 personnel police officers. So that makes it difficult to fight crime on the one hand, But on the other hand, there's been some legitimate concerns, obviously raised by particularly African American community as far as policing. Where is this going to instead of colliding? Start coming together, has one. There's a real There's a real need for police reform and a lot of ways, but the real need for reform is not just in policy and procedures. We need a reformation of the relationship between law enforcement and the community at large, Really. Tony, there's not been a significant change in the way that law enforcement does its job. In the last 50 years, we have to re imagine law enforcement but that cannot include things like the funding the police and Taking away resources from lawn Force mint. We cannot demonize and bastardized law enforcement into being more innovative, more just and equitable to communities of color. We have to do so. By bringing law enforcement and the community together to better understand each other to find common ground to work around the differences that we have to deal with issues around systematic racism and inequality and policing, but also to recognize that the vast and overwhelming majority of the police officers in Louisville and across the country Go to work and do an excellent job every day. We cannot, as my grandmother would say, Throw the baby out with the bathwater. And that's what national faith in blue weekend is intending to do. It's to deal with the issues that we have to deal with, but also to challenge the community to get involved with law enforcement. Not in a demonizing weight, but in a curative wait. Tony. I have been at the forefront of human and civil rights advocacy the sample of my adult life. We cannot protest and march our way to a more just and equitable society. At some point, we have to turn up pain and to power. But it has to happen in every local community and in every local neighborhood, and that's what national faith in blue weekend is all about. Leveraging these faith based organizations to be bridge builders to solve problems to bring about reconciliation. And reduce violence on all five Marquel. I hope, reverend that you will write down this Toni Kroos at I heart media dot com and we'll have another discussion. Great discussion I love hearing What you have to say. I think you're exactly right. Everybody has to come together and sweeping, sweeping generalities have to to stop. On all sides. It's time to get to a break Traffic and weather right now. Scotty has sports coming up. I'm Wook. Why? Meteorologist Mammal? Oh ceviche or Thursday forecast looks quiet with partly cloudy skies Expect to hide.

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