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In the march due to biloxi marsh and i tell you when when you have a high wind owns a high water water will state coley when you have high wins in love with water you don't dirtiest pretty good now are when sets were gamel easy and i don't know or something northwest so that's going to provide you an idea where you can go so looking that the march the way it's position then went way and then bonus i would've system arced to date i would be concentrate men and the biloxi i'd go into body biloxi and go into the southwest brandt and stations that and only that lower self i guess i will be self iii source of corner of the marsh itself and i would concentrate between volume i'm very in the southwest managed and you know function clean water in their you may have to get back you know austin dean path and get into some of those little karns him smaller volumes let's that would be very that i would go in to you watch up with your really over in that area that you know the about degrees what was in the you know here so we've been experiencing water temperatures fifty seven to fifty nine over they it's going to be more in the sixties what you're still serling warmup to catch fish but i would look for mala and be the first may not want to see just long i los de to look person ball it or some bay fish activity in superstar spot that on monday shutdown told motor in order up in court with plastic eddie put more plastic a little deeper than normal say three feet and up it in be patient you might not only pocket every can fifteen even twenty second between pops and learned just kind of sweep along it curled tale plastic so we'll do it this time doing everything store slows down girl tilt got to do it but in her kev that and it's st so those would be the way that out with i would looking that will be looking for trout what a temperatures nowhere near cold enough to affect the ripped finished you know still be hanging out on the sure launched but the low water you basically i'm cushion water things like that well you could start two very good.

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