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Anywhere in the world anywhere in the world or maybe even the universe. I don't know how far how far the triangulation go outside of earth. But well he must working on. You know the satellite internet. So i'm sure the blasted out tomorrow or something. I'm sure we'll get there because you believe in life on mars and all that right. Oh yeah definitely know me man. I'm pretty gullible. I'm into all that stuff like how bigfoot and Aliens stuff i'm into it. Oh yeah yeah well. Whatever i was flying things the drums. Yeah that was a weird thing that was right before covert. I was like all the drones were flying around and they were like what was there was a town east out east smaller town and they were like. We're going to investigate this and then like the next day. The sheriff's office came out the two people that work at the sheriff's office or like. Hey it's we're no longer investigating this anymore. Why we just aren't visit because it's nothing no is it because it's something no not investigating it anymore and then it stopped. There were drones. Everywhere are boy tanner. Who hosts noko now. He was living at evidence at the time and he was like mom called me one night. There are things fly all over the place. I thought for sure they were gonna take him up. But then they're probably like there's gotta be some more interesting people to take up top and i'll say quarterback that's true. That's true that yes exactly. That's exactly right. Allstate quarterback would i think they would be like. What is this creature. That would be fun. I think we start off wacky on tuesdays because it top texting. Yeah i mean it's it's just a big deal. We need the whole against to get into it today..

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